EDITORIAL: Is It Time For the Sony PlayStation 4?

TMR Zoo: Sony posted the 3.56 patch to combat the rampant piracy that has struck the PlayStation 3 due to George Hotz’s published exploit of the rootkey in the system, but it didn’t take long for that update to be compromised . The exploit has done the most damage to online multiplayer, which was always cripped but thanks to the exploit has made having public matches the equivalent to visiting Tombstone in the 1880′s.
It has gotten bad enough that some have suggested it’s time for Sony to abandon the PS3 and just release the PlayStation 4 as soon as possible:

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Octo12845d ago

Consumers may want one (not me), developers on the other hand have been clear that they are not looking for a new console quite yet.The consensus is since PS3 and 360 released their respective motion control add on mean they are further extending the life of both console for the meantime.

gunnerforlife2845d ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL i laff at this author.
its way to early for a ps4 and i wouldnt shell out another 400 pounds for it because ps3 aint even done yet, if its anything liek the ps2 then it will be shelling out top notch games for another 4 year that will keep improving

HappyGaming2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

PS1 1996
PS2 2000
PS3 2006
PS4 2012?

Just because the PS3 will have a 10 year cycle it doesn't mean PS4 can't be released while PS3 is still being sold.

Even PSP was released in 2004 and PSP2 is coming out in 2011 7 years after.
I say PS4 will release no latter than Dec 2013.
I mean sure it will be price but think of how amazing the hardware will be.

We are talking 2010-11 PC gaming quality hardware in the hands of people like Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games.

Epic scale
Epic resolution
Epic physics

PS4 will be epic think about it... every game on PS4 will have better graphics than Uncharted 3 and possibly in 1080p 3D how can you people say no?

Edit: I meant to say "epicer" because PS3 is already epic.

N4g_null2845d ago

Problem is its not like the ps2, which was given all third party support. Now that piracy is on the ps3 the small amount of exclusives that actualy sell means developers need another platform to port to. You see hardcore gamers are not enough to support the visuals they demand.

This is sonys n64 moment and motion control gaming is not going to extend gameplay for the ps3. If you look at sales you have to wonder if Sony is even shipping more units as suddenly they are not even announcing motion control games.

Luckly Sony has had two gens of pure dominace so this all some gamers know.

Sony needs to get more developers back to wanting to make a ps game and using arm CPUs is prefect. Sony can correct a lot with a ps4 which the ngc or psp2 basically is. They can also use this to fix piracy and actualy let the ps3 become an open platform like a pc.

Piracy of a good game results in a gamer willing to pay for that game which was supported in such things as shareware back in the day.

Another thing is imagine what 4-8 cores and enough ram can do for hd gaming. Sure you don't want to pay more for a system but let me let you in on a secret. Pc gamers buy tech that will let them play games without compromise. The fact that a handheld can play a ps3 ports sort of proves what we have been saying for a while. Even though the ps3 can do way better visuals than the ps2 it is not at the level it needs to be inorder for devs to show what true hd gaming can be.

Instead we rely on online play and visual tricks and hype.

N4g_null2845d ago

Gumtrol imagine that a killzone with enough ram an uncharted level in graphics in all multiplatform games. Why people wouldn't want that is not logical. They could always port down to the ps3. If the specs are higher then you will get more games.

HappyGaming2845d ago

@scissor_runner people just don't want the PS3 to be abounded because devs will start focusing more on PS4...

But when you think of how much more powerful PS4 could be it could add a lot more eyecandy and gameplay mechanics than the PS3 ever could.

Small things like cloth ripping in enemy clothes from bullets to buildings in Battlefield games collapsing not just block by block or brick by brick but chips of stones instead.

N4g_null2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

I only post to show another side of gaming. The problem with gaming media is they are the hostage of other bias gamers. Luckly I'm not a game journalist.

Good thing about a new system they could use arm CPUs. Every one is making engines for those chips.

morganfell2845d ago

...some have suggested."

Who? Who in the industry that is anyone has suggested this? And I do not mean some 14 year old from a no name site called tmrzoo.

Let me guess, it is the people from "They say..." that are suggesting it.

Wait, this site probably has some super secret source that must remain unidentified to protect his or her position. Does the writer (that's a stretch I know) even own a PS3? I have played plenty of multiplayer recently and have yet to witness a single incident of the mythical death ray hacking about which drivel filled articles expound endlessly.

The facts fly in the face of the ridiculous ASS-U-MPTIONS this article supposes. Trash from the opening line till the last period and not worth a read.

Ifone2845d ago

" Now that piracy is on the ps3 the small amount of exclusives that actualy sell means developers need another platform to port to"

Lol, ridiculous, try again...

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pain777pas2845d ago

They are still squeezing juice out of the PS3 especially. No need for any new home console as yet. especially with Kinect and Move being released. They have to milk that first and come up with something compelling because graphics are not a major issue now. Everygame whether cheap or expensive looks good. It's all about gameplay.

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ActionBastard2845d ago

Have you seen this year's lineup? The answer to "Is It Time For the Sony PlayStation 4?"


Kon2845d ago

No. But like the Xbox, the PS3 lifetime is getting to an end.

Bathyj2845d ago

Dont think so.
Sony is only using motion controls to compliment its games, not desperately clinging to gimmicky gameplay to prolong a consoles life cycle.

But hey, who am I to knock it, its working. Just doesn't effect gamers much.

Thoreau2845d ago

how is it that you don't speak of the 360 in the same light? the system is trash. there, i typed it. the 360 keeps abusing sheeple like (KON), keep playing kinect and paying for xbl fees, oh and sub par exclusives like fable 3, and halo reach. editorial, are 360 diehards illuminati cannon fodder?

pain777pas2845d ago

There is hope for this generation yet. Like the post.

Dread2844d ago

reach a sub-par exclusive?


u r a sony tool my friend.

Pozzle2845d ago

God, I hope not. I haven't gotten the most out of my PS3 yet.

Stealth20k2845d ago

In 3 to 4 years it will be time

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