New Batman: Arkham City screenshot - Batman flaunting muscles

Rocksteady Studios released yet another screenshot of Batman: Arkham City.

(we know, the other shot on the page was posted earlier, only one is new)

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teedogg802879d ago

This game is gonna be sick.

deadreckoning6662879d ago

Sexy fucking bastard. I have a feeling this game is coming out in August just like the last game.

hamburger1232879d ago

I just finished arkham asylum cannot wait man

zootang2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Really loving the open world Batman Gotham City missions in DC Universe online! It has made me more interested in this.

AssassinHD2879d ago

So far the Batman missions are the most fun for me. They also seem more difficult than the quest lines for Superman and Wonder Woman.

SwampCroc2878d ago

Yeah I really think this game is going to deliver on every level.