Official PlayStation Move Development Kit coming to PC?

iWaggle3D reports that "The description of an upcoming GDC2011 session to be conducted by SCEA's "Lead of the Game Systems team in Developer Support" John McCutchan hints at the possible release of a PlayStation Move development kit for PC".

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sinncross2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Quite possible. Kaz Hirai mentioned that they wanted to branch PS Suite beyond Android Smartphones and Tablets to other OS's.

Maybe a Move PC development kit is part of that, or with the 'Move server' allows these people who tinker with the Move on PC to have their work published on the PSN store?

Substance1012875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Would love to use Move as a controller for my HTPC, would make a good replacement for a mouse, even though it wouldnt be as accurate.

darthv722875d ago

that with a move PC kit, some will find a way to get kinect to work with move. Kinect tracking takng on a more precise approach thanks to the move controller.

You know it will happen.

ComboBreaker2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Microsoft attacks Sony in the console market. (With Xbox and 350).
Sony counter with attacks in the PC market. (with Playstation Move).

Apple attacks Sony in the gaming market.
Sony counter with attacks in the smart phone market (with Playstation Suite).

blumatt2875d ago

That would be a neat idea, man. Of course, the Eye is insanely accurate at tracking the Move now, but the Kinect could bring a bit more precision I suppose. This is a very good idea for Sony. Buy a Move game for PS3, and get the PC version for free, or something like that. Kind of like how the PS3 version of Portal 2 gets a Steam version for free with it. Opening the Move up to the PC will help it sell even more and could attract PC gamers to buy a PS3 to play its AAA exclusives like Killzone 3 or Socom 4 with the Move. Good idea, Sony. I'm sure MS will be following suit and releasing an official Kinect dev. kit for PC. Just makes sense for both of them to be honest. I know I'm loving my Move controllers. By the way, that Modern Combat: Domination on PSN is very good with the Move. It's only like $10 and it reminds me of a slimmed-down CoD4. Go get it, guys. (PS Plus users get it at a discount too.)

rockleex2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yes, I hate using HTPCs with mouse and keyboard.

It would be so much more comfortable to use a motion controller like the PS Move to navigate.

I also want a virtual keyboard for those times when you don't want a keyboard on your lap.

I also don't like how PS Move on the XMB doesn't have a cursor. Instead, you just navigate by holding down the trigger button while moving the controller arbitrarily.

Btw, allowing people to mess with PS Move on PC's will also help increase Move sales.

BattleAxe2875d ago

Seeing as how Sony and Valve are developing an interesting relationship, maybe Valve will have something to do with this.

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ActionBastard2875d ago

Very, very smart. I wonder if this means we could potentially use Move on our PC playing Portal 2? The PC version comes with a PC motion controller, so why not?

iWaggleVR2875d ago

That uses a magnetic field tho, which doesn't require the controller to be visible to some sort of camera (like it is the case with the Move). So you can sort of play it with your hands below the desk no problem. With the Move you'd need to have the Move visible to the camera, so "desktop" playing wouldn't be that convenient.

Of course if you video output to a big screen that you sit relatively far from... well, that's a more Move-suitable set up.

ActionBastard2875d ago

If all you'd have to do is connect the USB PSEye to you PC rig in order to use Move, it would't be that inconvenient. Hell, it's smaller than Kinect. Nice find btw.

MisterAV2875d ago

I already use the PSeye as webcam and microphone for skype and videochat. you just have to put it above the monitor

Kon2875d ago

PC = Micrsoft

Is that a problem?

zootang2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Never been a problem for Sony Vaio computers. Microsoft advertise them!

iamgoatman2875d ago

Contrary to how most people like to think around here, 2 companies competing in a specific sector such as Sony and MS don't hate each other. I'm sure they have a close relationship when it comes to distributing Windows OS on Sony computers.

Non_sequitur2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Sony VIAOs run Windows.

Is that a problem?

Beat me to it.

SuicideShaun2875d ago

PC does not = microsoft. I don't see why everyone thinks that.

Pillville2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

MS may make Windows, but the don't control the software that runs on it, like consoles do.

Otherwise you would never see any of these running on Windows:
Torrent clients
Xbox hacking utilities

iamgoatman2875d ago

Just because most people use a Microsoft OS, doesn't mean MS some how "own" the platform. You don't have to have MS approve your hardware to run it on a PC.

jneul2875d ago

lol windows is not the only operating system available, so no pc!= microsoft not 100% anyways as lots of ppl use linux

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SuicideShaun2875d ago

Well at least sony can get into the things that the kinect hack has brought ms. But I would rather use the razer hydra on pc. Looks like it will be one of the best gameplay-wise motion controllers out there.

Ju2875d ago

With the side effect is we'd get official PSEye Windows drivers?? Really?

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