Blog: Impressions of the PSP’s successor [MEGamers]


"Just as expected, Sony had revealed the successor to the PSP codenamed NGP ( Next Generation Portable) in their event last week. Although much of the specs and capabilities that were rumored turned out true, it was our first time actually seeing the device in action. Needless to say, Sony didn’t fail to impress as countless jaws dropped in reaction to the massive potential shown by this sexy piece of hardware.

The NGP is an extremely powerful portable machine. In fact it’s the most powerful portable device in the current market. The hardware behind it can dance and run laps around any form of competition out there in terms of raw power. In regards to connectivity the NGP adds 3G capability to make sure that gamers can be online anywhere they are regardless of the availability of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Sony made sure that this new device would aim to not just compete with the 3DS but with the Iphone4 and other portable devices out there. It features both touch controls as well as actual physical buttons. The addition of the 2nd analog stick (yeah these are no longer nubs but actual mini analog sticks) and the track pad on the back of the device provides a variety of control schemes a developer can choose from. Take Monkey Ball for example, using the trackpad on the back of the NGP you are able to control the ball without your finger covering a part of the screen itself...."

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