Modern Combat Domination PlayStation Move Analysis

Join iWaggle3D on the virtual battlefield of the recently released Modern Combat: Domination with this video analysis of Gameloft's entry in the ever growing army of PlayStation Move compatible shooters.

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SuicideShaun2873d ago

I bought this game but I really just didn't enjoy playing it with my move. I felt as if it was to stiff and I couldn't move around like people do in move commercials. I'm starting to wonder if theres something wrong with my move...

iWaggleVR2873d ago

That's not how you are supposed to play indeed. Just sit down, rest it on your lap and focus on the on-screen cursor.

Needs some time getting used to of course. But you'll get there eventually. Practice against bots as online is affected by lag (at least on my end).

Raoh2873d ago

what iWaggle3D said is correct, by the way love your site and videos, I always look for your comments on neogaf.

One thing i learned, i think through your videos, was to get comfortable first. then calibrate. i do that whenever possible, wont work with games like lights out but it worked well with MAG.

So the comfortable way for me to play mag using move was to play as if i was watching a movie on my couch.

I would rest the navigation controller on my left hand that rested on the armrest of my couch. then my right hand laid across the headrest portion of the my couch, in the same manner you would wrap your arms around your girl while watching a movie.

I then began the calibration. from that position i was able to calibrate accurately and play without exhausting my arm from having it extended in some awkward position.

playing with your hands out doesnt make sense. forget what you see in commercials, commercials are meant to accent the product they are selling not the proper way to use the peripheral.

Ju2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Right. I think the important part is you calibrate how you play! You do not want play how you calibrate.

Two different things and confusing if they ask you to hold the controller into the camera at first. Don't! Just hold it like you'd aim.

jneul2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

adjust the deadzone and other settings to suit you, the default ones are make your camera spin too fast sigh, after you get used to your controls you actually will dominate with the move, i get loads of headshots since using it now
for all people wondering if there is something wrong with their move, i will slap you of course it works, you just have to adjust to it because it's different with fps, although admittedly this game does have lag on both ds3 and move controls, try out mag with move and see what i mean

user83971442873d ago

This is a pretty good game. I can find myself playing it more than call of duty. Maybe because is not as fast paced as cod.

killcycle2873d ago

the best shooter right now with move support imo is MAG.
It seems to have the most precise aiming and options to change settings to suit you there's a in depth guide

The Move support in Modern Combat feels delay"ish" and moves a little more in the direction then where I point it despite adjusting the sensitivity, etc

Motorola2873d ago

I had opposite feelings. MAG felt terrible with Move while this game feels fine. I bought this game for that reason

iWaggleVR2873d ago

Well, MAG is much more chaotic than this and it has so many options you are more likely to "ruin" the controls yourself than in MCD (which has very few options).

From my experience, MAG implementation is better than that of MCD, but also more complex to set it right.

BTW, in MAG, you want set OFF the fixed ironsights option. Much easier to aim down the sights that way.

Motorola2873d ago

Thanks. Ill try that. ^

hesido2873d ago

This was my first Move enabled FPS game, but I couldn't play it using move. I had to switch back to DS3. I don't think Kz3 can win me either. My first impressions with the move for fps left a sour taste, unfortunately.

You cannot rest your wrist, ever. You have to be continously pointing at the screen, otherwise you're looking up or down in the air. With mouse or DS3, the targeting rests if you are passive, not with move, and that may be my deal breaker. And turning is very hard for me.

BabyTownFrolics2873d ago

i just picked up move over the weekend, and used the iwaggle video to help me calibrate for MAG. Even after tweaking it for hours it still does not feel right. I mean it works but it just feels inaccurate compared to the DS3. Perhaps an FPS built from the ground up for move will be different, but when given the choice it seems the DS3 is the way to go. I'm a bit disappointed, but I have been enjoying move thus far.

I own both Kinect and Move, and I wish I could combine the two.

Ju2873d ago

Haven't played it much with Move. Put me off at first. But I invested some time to tune the controls - offline only. I have yet to play a couple of round to see if I can really handle it. Latest game I played felt promising. You really need to find your settings for sensitivity and calibrate the deadzones. MAG is much better in that respect.

BabyTownFrolics2873d ago

could you supply me with what settings you have settled on, I would just like to compare it with mine.

Ju2873d ago

Don't have access to my PS 'till later today. But AFAIK I use a very low sensitivity (same as explained in the video - [email protected] in both directions). I have a small dead zone, not too small and not to big; rather closer to 0.

I have yet to try with the aim assist off and switching the deadzone off completely. This looks promising, though.

Ju2873d ago

Deadzone set to zero. That's the way to go. Boy, I enjoyed that today. Really works after a while.

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