New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Scans Reveal Lars and Devil Jin

New images of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 were shown in the Japanese Arcadia Magazine.

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Ares84PS32879d ago

I don't know about you guys but for me Tekken really went down the drain. This whole "emo movement" it has with Lars being the front man of it makes me throw up. I think the new characters are just uninspired, uninteresting and boring. I don't believe that the makers of Tekken know what fans want.

Baka-akaB2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

the new characters are fine , great even .

The problem is within the current gameplay . T6 is schizophrenic .

On one hand it finally balance itself great , and gave even the T2 chars some new moves , and one the other it dives further into the worst part of the tekken serie since the cursed t4 : too much combooing , especially juggling with now even floor rebounds .

Last i check Tekken was never about performing the longest combos possible (spamming 10 hits were the easiest way to be pegged as a noob ) , and unlike every games that actually focus on combos , like Guilty gear , Blazblue or MVC ... you have no possibilities to break free from juggles .

It's now a frickin' waiting game , with the first one to punish and launching you to endless juggles usually wins

the_best_player2879d ago

You have to be skilled to play tekken and do combos.
If you can't do combos maybe you should not be playing fighting games.

Baka-akaB2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

what to miss the point and be clueless .

Come at any decent players with 10 hits and looks ridiculous then .

Tekken combos are mostly easy , and it's for guys like you that they probably kept added those silly juggles and bound making most matches boring to look at and play .

Gohadouken2878d ago

Lol you have to be skilled to combos in Tekken ? Are you sure you didnt get lost and confused with a Virtua fighter thread ?

Redempteur2878d ago

i agree with Baka-akab , making 10 hits combos is not hard

And using them make you predictable . ( because any experienced player know how to block them ) .
You 'll be blocked and vulnerable to a counter - attack.

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thehitman2879d ago

There is only so much a dev can do to keep their franchise alive. It happens to all franchises they are always pressured w/ what to do next and in my opinion the answer to that question is literally nothing sometimes. I watch a lot of great franchises go down the drain because they change too much to keep it alive. I have all the tekkens from ps2 and ps3 and I watched them slowly go down hill.

the_best_player2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Tekken 6 is the best tekken, they added so many more features and the music is great.
The people who hate Tekken are the ones that got really owned online and rage quite.
Or the simple minded people who can't even do a 5 hit combo LOL!

Baka-akaB2878d ago

Spamming combos in tekken is for noobs ... go get owned with 5+ combos them since it's so hard lol

Ares84PS32879d ago

How to keep Tekken alive???

Well just a few ideas:

- More levels and maybe some levels that are interesting or pleasing to look at. A tomato war in a village isn't a great level.

- More original characters that don't come from the Japanese emo colture. No more Lars and that robot chick. Instead characters like Brian, Kazuya, King and the like. Go that direction.

- Loose that Tekken Force mode, it's SHIT!!!!

- Loose all that idiotic outfits that can be used to costumize the characters. Most of them make the characters look outright ridiculous.

- Stop fucking up the look of Yoshimitsu. He looks more like a christmas tree with every new entry to the series.

Just a few ideas to make Tekken a better game.

Gohadouken2878d ago

You are making , no offense intended , mostly outrageous and ridiculous requests that got very little to do with the gameplay :

- It's a tradition to change Yoshi every game

-Tekken force can stay , who cares as long as it revert back to a bonus , instead of a forced campaign

-Whats the point of a customization mode without the freedom to even look ridiculous ?

- To each their own for character tastes . plenty couldnt care what you think about the new guys , as they were widely accepted , and for once and mostly , properly balanced when released .

Ares84PS32878d ago

Yet the game isn't as good as it used to be.

What I said would just help Tekken. Tekken Force mode is crap. it was forced on, too much time was spent on it by developers. Instead of a stupid mode like that I would much rather see 1 or 2 new guys or new stages.

Changing Yoshi, I have no problem with that just the fact that the change is always for the worst. As I said he looks like a christmas tree now.

Costumazation would be ok if they atually had something that made the characters look cool not like morons.

As well as others could care less for what I think, I could care less what you and others think.

The fact remains that this Tekken wasn't so great.

Baka-akaB2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

None of the above tell us why the game isnt as good . That would be coming from the gameplay and online code imo.

Gran Touring2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

@Ares84 Scenario Campaign was crap, but there was nothing wrong with the old-style tekken force modes from T3/T4, IMO. But you're right, they spent WAY too much time on it. The game could have been released a full year and a half earlier if it weren't for Scenario mode. And yet, in that extra time to develop S.C, it still plays like crap.

Customization isn't bad, its just that there's actually not a lot to customize. While it seems like there's hundreds of items for each character, there's really just a few done in different color variations. A simple T-shirt could become 12 different items just by being a different color. They should take note from the soul calibur team if they wanna do customization right.

akatsuky672877d ago

i dont care what people think about tekken now a days all i now is i love tekken an teeken taf 2 its looking sick