Multi-GPU Performance in DirectX10

When Vista arrived, Microsoft heavily promoted the benefits the new OS would bring gamers. Gaming was to be an important fact of the new operating system's design -- not added on as an afterthought. A shortcut to a 'Games' folder was added, by default, to Vista's start menu -- right beside music, pictures and documents. The 'Games for Windows' campaign and website was launched to promote Vista as a powerful gaming platform. DX10 was made exclusively for Vista -- forcing all gamers wanting to experience the new API to upgrade to new video cards, and embrace the new OS.

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mighty_douche3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

in benchmark tests do they still use resolutions set for 4:3 monitors? surely most people are going toward widescreen monitors now?

edit @ DarthNihilus, i realise that mate i have a 1080p tv, but no one plays games in that res, well unless you have a £5000 pc, but i mean the actually res's that gamers us, 1600x1200 stuff like that, id like to see tests on 1650x1020 and 1440xwhatever it is. i just doubt that many pc gamers now buy 4:3 monitors unless your buying like a 17" but anything bigger than that would be widescreen surely? also may have something to do with me getting a new 22" widescreen =)

ShiftyLookingCow3896d ago

1920x1200(16:10) which is used in the tests is a widescreen resolution.

Badhabit0073896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


Here is a snipit of some stats that I took from VALVE-Steam online survey:

4:3 Aspect Primary Displays (913966 of 1092675 Total Users (83.64% of Total) )

16:9 Aspect Primary Displays (173919 of 1092675 Total Users (15.92% of Total) )

The complete stats here:

I know that the survey is not completely representative of all the PC gamers, but it's still a lot of them and it gives a good idea.



sak5003896d ago

I agree with douche, nowadays most of the new users are buying widescreen monitors, 19" and above so they should also address them. I have 19" WS monitor and would like to see the performance at 1440x900 rez.

mbmonk3896d ago

If you look at the World In Conflict framerate numbers in SLI it's a little disturbing. The best cards are getting 20+ frames, though it is high resolutions. 20+ frames aren't really that impressive. Maybe when the next series of Nvidia cards come out we will get good DX10 support.

deadeyes993895d ago

don't diss anything you will never have.