10 Best Open World Video Games of All-Time

When discussing open world games most of the games talked about are recent games, most notably the Grand Theft Auto series, but open world games have actually been around for decades.
The definition of an open world game is a video game with a virtual world in which they are free to roam and are not confined playing the game in a certain order. However, all open world games, even Grand Theft Auto, have some restrictions in certain areas that can not be reached until a certain criteria is met. According to this definition there are many open world games and these are the 10 best.

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tacosRcool2701d ago

San Andreas has the best open world

GamerSciz2701d ago

I am surprised they didn't mention Far Cry. The original one where you had side missions you could do but weren't necessary. It was the first open-world game I played where I could go anywhere and do anything yet there was still a story and a fun one at that.

Enzo2701d ago

I was hoping Final Fantasy 7 would make the list :D

tunaks12701d ago

Majoras Mask, still the only game where npc feel alive

Ponurasky2701d ago

Shenmue on the last place? Blasphemy!!!

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