TGS 07: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Hands-On Reveals Total Lack of Motion Control

"Bizarrely, tellingly and somewhat amusingly, the Tokyo Game Show demo of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams makes no use of motion controls whatsoever. The analog stick on the nunchuck controls movement, the A-button speeds you up and.... well, that's pretty much it."

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ItsDubC3831d ago

"The analog stick on the nunchuck controls movement, the A-button speeds you up and.... well, that's pretty much it."

So in other words, it controls exactly like the Saturn release (which was a bit ahead of it's time btw w/ the included analog controller). I'm hoping motion controls might come into play at more specific points in the game. I think it'd probably get pretty tiring flicking the Wii remote up or something everytime I wanted to speed boost anyway.

SmoothiusMaximus3830d ago

I have to wonder why this is on Wii if there are no motion controls... If you're going to limit yourself to Wii, you do it to take advantage of the console's unique strengths... I'll never understand Sega.

Trick Nolte3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Who care what system its on. If you played Nights on Sega Saturn chances are you have a job by now(HOPEFULLY) and are able to afford a Wii in addition to your 360 or PS3. Its 250 bux for Christ sakes. A TRUE Nights fan you would be excited about its return PERIOD.

Sega probably didnt want to dump a load of doe on a title that has a such a small cult following. The Wii was the safest route to take and a smart move as its cheaper to develope for.

For those Nights Fans who wanted it on 360 or PS3 I understand but blame your fellow console a-alikes and their constant criticisms of games being to "kiddy" or not "mature" enough because it lacks violence or gunplay.

Maybe if Nights does well on the Wii... it will garner enough attention to encourage Sega to make it Multi-Plat so everyone can be happy. For me it would be double-dope bcuz its a must have for me on Wii and if it goes to 360 or PS3... I will buy a copy of that version as well.

All in all, I'm just glad to see Nights make it back to ANY console. As far as the control goes. I hope Sega does what works best for the game rather it be including motion control or complete lack there of.

To be honest, It would be nice to just sit back and just take this beautiful game in with standard control and without having to waggle an inch. Every single game shouldnt include motion control just because its on Wii :)