PS3 snub as Sony Japan expands PS2 business

Kaz Hirai, the recently appointed president and CEO of the Sony gaming unit, said Sony plans to put more effort into expanding its PlayStation 2 business - an unusual step because gaming companies typically de-emphasise old consoles when newer versions become available.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3895d ago

That it's still good for as many people to adapt the PS2, so maybe they could turn into possible PS3 customers. Maybe or maybe not, no one can answer that for sure.

I think the PS2 is starting to loose steam however. This doesn't mean the PS3 is being supported anyless like the article title impliments.

Jeremy Gerard3895d ago

This is just sad, Sony is in huge trouble the signs are everywhere. So what are they going to do next, declare the PS2 their actual next gen console and try and convince developers to put all their next gen games on the PS2. Ps2 was something Sony did right so now they dont want to let go of it, reminds me of those losers who were popular in high school so now they live in the past, and can't let go and face the reality that they are losers as adults. Kinda like Al Bundie LOL!

SonySoldiers3895d ago

No we are not SAD, in fact we're happy just like what Mr. Harrison said about current PS3 sales.

DrWan3895d ago

PS2 is making money, there is no reasons to stop it. alot of ppl who are buying PS2 now, will probably NOT buy a PS3 anyways within the next 12 months, because they miss out on the PS2 games, they are trying them out right now.

So why not take their money first, create some brand name loyalty, especially former xbox and gc fanboys.

And then they will get their money on the PS3 later when better games they want to play comes out or sequels to games they find fun on the pS2.

And a coporation and business, money is money, the moeny they earn from the pS2 they can easily shift them into PS3 operations

ItsDubC3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Seems like a smart move to me actually. The PS2 is profitable to Sony and is appealing to those who can't afford a PS3 or are attracted to the PS2's gigantic software library.

PS2-buyers today will be buying a Sony product perhaps until the latest Sony product (PS3) becomes more affordable. Of course, a PS2-buyer today is not guaranteed to be a PS3-buyer in the future, but they have bought a Sony product nonetheless and I think are more likely to buy a PS3 than if they had bought something other than the PS2 due to brand-familiarity. Remember, we are talking about casual gamers who many times rely on brand-familiarity to make purchase decisions. "Hardcore" gamers would have had a PS2 a long time ago and likely have a PS3 by now.

Douchebaggery3895d ago

sony should retire the ps2 and put more emphasis on the ability to play ps2 games on the ps3 in their marketing efforts (whatever the f*ck they are)

s8anicslayer3895d ago

this is the biggest crock of sh!t i've ever heard!

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The story is too old to be commented.