Sony floor tour from Tokyo Game Show 2007

A new video from Gamespot highlighting some of the new titles that will be coming to the PS3 in the near future.

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Chitown712913870d ago

Why has everybody been saying this is there conference, like its the only one. Well if this is pre, then damn it BRING IT ON!!! This just got me excited knowing thats teres more to come, cause I was wondering about those rumors( Team ICO Project, Final Fantasy 7 Remake) and if they were coming true. Well now I Know Theres more to come which makes me one happy gamer.

socomnick3870d ago

Having your hair braided has officially become uncool.

kss3870d ago

tgs = ps3

xbot 1.5 = s**t

fopums3870d ago

that shoemakers voice just drove me nuts...... and yeah braided hair fails lol

Im going to download the bonus stuff for flow though, love that game

Iceman100x3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

This is bullcrap there is nothing that i've seen here that or already have gotten on ps2 years ago, and it doesn't even look like they want to achieve anything anymore with games that are meager ps2 versions.