There is a well in Africa named Destructoid thanks to gamers

Max Scoville and I will be going live on Destructoid's stream today from 2-6pm in hopes of raising $2500 for our CharityWater campaign. If we reach our total goal of $5,000, it will allow us to build a well to serve clean water to an entire village of people.

This may or may not involve Max playing Dead Space 2.

[Update] We did it! We reached our goal of $5,000! Thank to all you beautiful people that donated!

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FailOverHero2876d ago

Two things, 1 Africa is a freaking continent, not a country, not a town, a freaking continent, 2nd largest! Would it kill people to be specific and say which African country they are talking about? Nobody ever says I'm walking the streets of Europe, they'll say France or even Paris but as soon as Africa is involved, it is ok to just say there is a well in Africa. . .
2nd thing, no way would I drink out of a well named Destructoid lol. I'd be scared

Flashwave_UK2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

hey stfu you tried to hack the ps3 and you did nuff said.

2875d ago
deadreckoning6662875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Who cares if they think Africa is a country? They created a well to give clean water to impoverished villagers. A helluva lot more productive than idiots on this site who moan and groan when Destructoid says something bad about a PS3 exclusive.

AEtherbane2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

They donated the money to a charity, they themselves aren't going over to AFrica and choosing where to dig the well. THe charity chooses where the well gets dug, so technically destructiod doesn't know where it will be other than in Africa.
But thats really incredible to raise the money for CharityWater, destructoid gets my approval.

MidnytRain2875d ago

That's a very interesting subject. It's not gaming related, but you should blog it. People tend to group Africa's inhabitants into one group, but make sure to distinguish European nations like Germany, Italy, or France. It's almost like some people have this, "Well, they're all Black." mentality. Lol.

Blacktric2875d ago

Would you drink from the Jim Sterling pond?

Ducky2875d ago

America is a continent too.

MidnytRain2875d ago

America is generally used to refer to the U.S., seeing as it's the dominant power in the western hemisphere.

*North* America is a continent, as well as South America.

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Slimshadyn2875d ago

Honestly, not a huge fan of Destructoid but any site that helps give to such a worthy cause will definitely get me to visit more often. Gratz, CharityWater is a great charity!

Christopher2875d ago

Technically, the people who watched and donated did it, not Destructoid. Destructoid did create the environment and purpose, but the people who should be congratulated are the contributors.

Slimshadyn2875d ago

True, gratz to the contributors for raising so much money and gratz for Destructoid for helping.

Tommykrem2875d ago

Haha, well done.
No, but charity is not only an important way of helping people in need, but by running charity projects through games that might help some people see gaming as useful :)

BLACKBOIJONES2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Cool....They did a nice thing giving water.But africa is not a country, and africa has some lovely places that has never been shown on TV bcuz the western media is bias.