Details About Skyrims Menu System

A more in depth look into the Menu System used in the Elders Scrolls V Skyrim. From comparison with Oblivions Menu System, See how Skyrims Menu System compares with Oblivions System in terms of easier access.

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dktxx22696d ago

As long as the menu's aren't laggy, I'm happy. Thats all I care about, if pretty and accessible comes at the price of speed, don't do it.

Nothing worse then a slow, laggy menu, like in Fable 2. God that pissed me off.

Lirky2696d ago

Im sure the menus wont lag if it lags it would most likely be the console versions maybe especially if the focus was PC skyrim and then the console versions which the menus will look identical but maybe slight laggier maybe not.

Xfanboy2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

best version confirmed..

Roper3162696d ago

I wish they would do something with the in-game maps both world & local. They have the worst maps ever in their games and they offer absolutely no help when looking at them.

Masterchef20072696d ago

Sounds interesting. But i would like to see some videos of it.