February 2011 Game Releases

There are quite a few high profile releases this month. Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, and De Blob 2 should keep most gamers busy, unless they are still fighting Necromorphs in Dead Space 2.

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Dart892702d ago

Mainly looking forward to KZ3 was also gonna get MvsC 3 but seeing as they're will be dlc ill just wait tile the super ultra mega edition comes out with everything.

JBit922702d ago

Definitely picking up KZ3 and I'm thinking about BulletStorm. Really looking forward to Killzone's improved multiplayer

SpitFireAce852702d ago

Yeah KZ3 for me as well...+ we get a beta
invite to socom4 which should be fun as well.

PS.Don't forget the public demo for KZ3
starts Feb 2nd...:)

JBit922702d ago

oh yea, looking forward to the beta

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Looking forward to bulletstorm the most. Going to love it.

eggbert2702d ago

I've only heard of 4 of those games.

the worst2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

killzone 3 gameplay
no spoilers

SpitFireAce852702d ago

Great video man thanks for the link...:)

m23452702d ago

marvel v capcom 3 and killzone 3 for me. dammit, so many games..x-x

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The story is too old to be commented.