Halo 3 'TGS Forge' gameplay

1UP has just posted this new video of Halo 3's Forge Editor.

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Lord Anubis3868d ago

very nice, hopefully there wont be too much abuse.

ASSASSYN 36o3868d ago

I plan on making a hornet air race game. I am going to call it air forza. And, apparently the brute gravity hammer can deflect rockets.

genericname3868d ago

sorry everyone, the link is broken. right now it links to some Saturday morning cartoon thing. I emailed them and they said it should be fixed shortly.

Xi3868d ago

cartoon guy humping the floor.

The Chief of Mjolnir3868d ago

Yeah, that should fit for a 10 year old like you.

Grow up.

And the new ViDoc is all I need right now.

FordGTGuy3868d ago

Vidoc on the Xbox Live Marketplace and i'm going to watch it later.

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