MotorStorm 2 Announced, Racing Back for More

Following the announcement that Sony would be acquiring both Evolution Studios (the team behind MotorStorm) and Bigbig Studios, AMN caught word that MotorStorm 2 is already in development, and is slated for a 2008 release on Blu-ray.

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stunt2133900d ago

sweet motorstorm is so fun, but i hope this time they have splitscreen for up to 4 players.

SonySoldiers3900d ago

ya it was fun.. we hope MS2 will deliver and not overrated like it did on MS1 (weak online mode)

TnS3900d ago

"As well as content expansions for the off-road racer, Evolution is also working on the next instalment of MotorStorm for release on Blu-ray disc in 2008."

rbanke3900d ago

I own motorstorm, but ive yet to understand why people think its fun.

doublertist3900d ago

then why do you own it? get rid of it if you dont like it, you can send it to me for free if you dislike it that much

ShiftyLookingCow3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

are you kidding me?

edit: give or sell it away if you dont like it so much

Kleptic3900d ago

yeah haha what?

there is a free demo from a free service...why did you buy it if you didn't think it was fun?

or did it come with that bundled 80 gig either case its very unlikely that you will find a better arcade racer on anything right now...the online is excellent, and the speed and visuals of the game are at the top of the list...add to that the diversity between track layouts, how each track has nearly four possible routes...and it ends up being one of the better arcade racing games ever made...

it was trashed by reviewers for the most part because of no split screen, and being pretty dry content wise (8 tracks or w/e)..but the tracks are huge, and they have since added a few free updates that gave several new game modes (TT/online ghost racing, new ticket, etc.) well as a premium content download with a whole new track and several vehicles...but the gameplay is tough to beat, thats why its one of the better racing games right now imo...

rbanke3900d ago

picked it up the day i got the ps3 after seeing it on the demo kiosk. My problem with it is that its so repetative. Dunno, maybe to 'arcady' for my taste, I cant stand any of the ridge racers for that matter. I'm more of a GT type. As for getting rid of it, I'm waiting for a game I want at blockbuster to trade it in.

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americanGTA3900d ago

Motorstorm 1 came out AFTER resistance... resistance sold 10x more. make a resistance II announcement please

crck3900d ago

And Insomniac will announce a sequel after Ratchet and Clank is out.

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The story is too old to be commented.