No More Heroes: 'Meet The Heroes' Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new 'No More Heroes' trailer after signing a North American publishing deal for the Wii title.

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dmixwell3929d ago

this game is gone to rock your wii

Daxx3929d ago

I can believe that after seeing the main character "charge up" his weapon by vigorlessly shaking it up and down near his crotch. :-/

ItsDubC3929d ago

I knew that technique looked familiar...

purin3929d ago

i can hear the alpha-moms calling Jack Thomas on this one >_<

MrWeymes3929d ago

LOL, that was hilarious. I'm looking forward to this game. If only I had a Wii. Haha, maybe I'll have one by the time this crotch shaking festival begins.