Editorial: How Achievements Have Taken the Fun Out of Games

Achievements have been all the rage since the launch of the Xbox 360. But just how much have they done for gaming? Many people will argue that they add a level of depth to the games that give you the urge to keep playing when you normally would stop. Loot Ninja can't argue with that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What they'll add, though, is that achievements can take the fun out of a game.

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dantesparda3653d ago

I do agree that it makes me do things i would have never done, or play long past the time i would have normally stopped playing the game. And will make me play games i would have never played. But i disagree, i think they not only are they good, but that they make me like the game more, cuz i get to see sh!t i never would have seen, had it been not for me just trying to get the achievements. Although i do hate how much work they make you do for them in alot of games and how so many of them are for online modes. And how little they give you for each one. But overall i think they are better, than they are bad

sticky doja3653d ago

You look like you could use a bubble.

dantesparda3652d ago

Thanks for the props, but i gotta warn ya, Im a 360 owner that is not in love with his system and therefore will say what i think is wrong with it. And alot of the 360 fanboys think im some PS3 fanboy (which is bullsh!t), but i just say it how it is.

DrRage773653d ago

here is my approval for a new article:

How N4G approved articles have taken the fun out of finding real news worthy articles.........

taz80803653d ago

the intention is to make games last a bit longer and make you do different things. but i disagree with people that just play games for the score, you wont see me go out of my way to get king kong just to pad my gamerscore which in the real world means absolutely nothing. gamerscore would be kool if you got somehthing for certain levels if not it is just a measuring stick of how many games you buy or rent.

Daxx3653d ago

Achievements actually caused me to become a better gamer because, on other consoles I have played, some of the games I never finished because I didn't feel motivated enough to complete them (the main reason why I wasn't motivated was because I couldn't show off what I had done in a game to all of my friends) but with achievements I actually feel rewarded when I beat a game because now everyone can see what I have accomplished.

I still play games for fun even if I have all the achievements. I have already reached the 10 thousand mark on my gamerscore and I'm pretty much done with the whole "must get more achievements" phase of my gaming career. So yeah.

ShiftyLookingCow3653d ago

this is so untrue, though I understand why some will find it less fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.