PlayStation PLUS, is it worth it?

PlayStation Plus is $50 a year, but what exactly do you get? Iorilamia from explores PS+ DLC, specials and the value that it carries.

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Abash2878d ago

"PlayStation Plus is $50 a month"

So much fail from this site

deadreckoning6662878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

If they don't change that from a month to a year in 15 min or so, I'm reporting it. I personally don't think PS Plus is worth it yet... but thats false information.

DualConsoleOwner2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

XBL Gold.
Online Multiplayer mostly p2p servers.
Cross game chat.

PSN Plus.
Same exact servers for multiplat games.
but MORE dedicated servers for exclusive games.
Cross Platform Chat.
Steam Integration
Free PSN game every month
Free 2 Mini Games every month
Free 1 classic game every month
FREE Theme monthly
FREE Avatars monthly
FREE Video Magazine monthly
One hour FULL DEMO.
Trophies.(way better than achievements)
Cloud Saving
Hulu Plus.
and so much more....

dam it is not even comparable how much PSN plus is better

duplissi2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

nice... nice dual way to play up some of the free features of psn to make ps plus look better...

PSN Plus.
Free PSN game every month
Free 2 Mini Games every month
Free 1 classic game every month
FREE Theme monthly
FREE Avatars monthly
FREE Video Magazine monthly
One hour FULL DEMO.
Cloud Saving

you forgot the occasional early demo and ps+ exclusive beta access.

everything else you listed is available to non ps+ members....
however this just make regular ol free psn look real good.

tone down the fanboy would ya?

ChristianGamer2878d ago

And then you have to give most of it back when your sub is up. Steam? Is that on ps plus already? Mmo's? What does that have to do with ps plus?? Trophies? Ha ha ha, come on, you're not even trying anymore. Not only trophies copies, ps plus isn't necessary to have them

Tony-Red-Grave2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


multiplat servers use the companies servers, sometimes P2P, 1st party IPs use sonys own servers.
x-platform chat is in a way confirmed but you don't need ps+ for it.
steam isn't on ps+, or psn in general, just steamworks.
last i checked anyone can get an MMO.
no free PSN games but good discounts.
thought it was 1 mini but it does update every 2 weeks.
more than 1 ps1 game every month.
yea 1HR trials
cloud saving is a RUMOR.
hulu plus is for everyone.

btw it's called ps+ not psn+ there is a difference <_< well hope ya'll enjoyed reading.

EDIT: someone beat me to it ohhhh nos DX

alien6262878d ago

PS+ optional no need to pay and u still get to play online for free

LIVE free user worthless account cant play online
LIVE GOLD $50+/year play online

i think ill go with PS+ they gave me free games

MrBeatdown2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


Give me a break. I'm a PlayStation fan, but I'm not about to spout off nonsense to make my console of choice look better...

Steam integration and cross platform chat? That's in ONE game. You might as well say PS3 has clan support (Killzone) and mods (Unreal 3) as features. Those are features of specific games, not PSN features.

Trophies being better than achievements? They're the same damn thing with minor differences, and which is better comes down solely to opinion.

Cloud saving... not announced = not a feature. You might as well throw cross game chat on that list since that's been rumored as well.

Seriously, I'm a PlayStation guy and would put my money towards PS+ over XBL any day, but if you are going to try to make a point, don't add in unnecessary bullshit. It just ends up making you look stupid.

Aloren2878d ago

@Dualconsoleowner, as a dual console owner, you should know that cross-game chat is free on xbox live. What you get with gold is party chat.

badz1492878d ago

"And then you have to give most of it back when your sub is up."

and on XBL when your subscription is over, you can't even play all your games you bought online anymore! so, your point is? still thinking that XBL is better in any way? hm?

egidem2878d ago

PSN+ is so much more worth it than XBL for me. With the upcoming feature to be able to upload your game saves to the cloud, I think it is just very epic.

Jezuz2878d ago

wow. Trophies are better than achievements? THEY'RE THE SAME THING AND ACHIEVEMENTS CAME FIRST. You are really a fanboy whom is blind and ignorant

darthv722878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


I dont get what you are saying. Are you meaning that if you bought a game "to play" online you cant when your gold runs out? That makes more sense.

The way you had it:

"and on XBL when your subscription is over, you can't even play all your games you bought online anymore!"

That is incorrect. If you bought a game over XBLA in gold it is still your game in silver. Same thing with the free ones they give from time to time. They are still playable if your sub runs out.

On topic..PS+ has some nice features but the technical aspect of the term "FREE" is not exactly that. It should be stated as "Free for as long as you are a member". Like others had said. If you let your sub run out, those games are no longer playable. XBLA, a freebie is exactly that regardless of gold/ really is "FREE".

Many dont even see this but slowly Sony is changing the structure of the PS+ system. They are building it up more and more with incentives to get others to be members. That is not a bad thing if you are going to be a member but it is slowly turning against the non members. It would not surprise me if Sony was purposely withholding content from non members in order to make it look more appealing to be a member.

There are many different ways they can approach this. Extra maps for KZ3, bonus cars for GT5, special "members only" levels in LBP2. Things that should be available to everyone but they need to make PS+ relevant so leveraging the popularity of titles and the percieved value in additional DLC not available to everyone is how they are doing it.

It is a business model that has worked for one other company and sony sees this and obviously is capitalizing on it (or soon will). The perception of "value" varies from person to person. What you dont see now that tempts your interest, give it will soon enough.

badz1492878d ago

I'm not talking about XBL games. I'm talking about retail games! XBL expired, and nolne of your retail games are playable online anymore.

"If you BOUGHT a game over XBLA in gold it is still your game in silver."

the key word is "bought" and the same thing applies to PS+ for games you bought at discounted price as a subscriber. even after your subscription ends, things you bought are yours forever.

"Same thing with the free ones they give from time to time. They are still playable if your sub runs out."

I'm not on XBL but I doubt there's different free games for Gold members every month on XBL. am I right? sometimes PSN has free games too, like I got Ragdoll Kung Fu for free several months back but free games for subscribers are incentives thus giving them the sense of value compared to non+ user. they get it every month of their subscription and can't play them again when their subscription is over. but hey, those are the games other people pay to play while being a PS+ member, you got to play them for free like a free rental. what's there to complaint? plus you still got to keep the premium avatars and dynamic themes others pay for also.

in terms of contents, PS+ has its members covered in its price already and there's still many more months to go before their 1 year subscription end.

darthv722878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

@badz...i figured it was a verbage thing. Which i why i reworded it at the beginning. Punctuation is your friend and saves the embarassing from happening like:

helping your uncle Jack, off a horse
helping your uncle jack off a horse

On topic: for what I see in + now is a discount store. Special pricing on items which is similar to XBLA. Each week there are deals on games and DLC that anyone can get in on. No gold required to buy a discounted game unlike +. The discounts through + arent even that significant and also arent on everything in the store.

You see, being a member to a discount club implies you save on everything in the store. Maybe sony cant do that because the pricing is controlled by the publishers. They can only price what they control.

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wildcat2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

$600 dollars a year!? As if! I'll stick with Live.

I mean that's 2 PS3s a year! Where are the savings!?

Forbidden_Darkness2878d ago

It's only 50 dollars a year, the article had their information wrong...

WildArmed2878d ago

I believe he was being sarcastic..
@ the fail info from the site...

But what do i know >.<

m23452878d ago

i'm renewing mine soon enough. :P

chainer30002877d ago

Only for people who take advantage of the bonuses. For me, the service has paid for itself nearly 8 times over. I wish there were video and TV show discounts, but that's my only real complaint. The new feature with cloud saving is only a major plus to me... so yes, I feel I get MORE savings and in general more from my money than I do from XBL. That said, I love XBL, but you kinda *need* to pay for it rather than have the choice.

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dragonyght2878d ago


Joni-Ice2878d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I knew I smelled something fishy. I will be getting Plus soon. Need that cloud service.

ThanatosDMC2878d ago

Not to mention popups and some other crap that my avg blocked.

mushroomwig2878d ago

'you can imagine you're paying for XBL or something.'

Okay first off, PlaystationPlus is not even in the same ball park as XBL, one is the online network for the 360 and the other is a discount service.

'Here is why I hate PS+ the most. Once you stop paying for it, you loose everything except avatars and themes (the lamest part of PS+...) I don't get it.'

He doesn't get it? It's not exactly rocket science, if I stop subscribing to Sky I'll lose those channels, if I stop paying my monthly internet fee it'll be blocked.

I don't think this person as ever heard of a rental service.

'the PS1 games are crap games you most likely didn't play or want to play.'

Firstly that's your opinion so don't speak for everyone since I've liked mostly all of the PS1 games that were added. Secondly, you're not going to like every single bit of content that's ever added, but that doesn't make the service bad, people have different opinions and tastes. You may hate one thing that's liked by many other people.

So is PS+ worth it? Try it for 3 months and find out for yourself, it's not a service that can be reviewed by anyone because the games that are added appeal to different people.

thebudgetgamer2878d ago

well if you have netflix and end your subscription you dont get to keep the movies.

guitarded772878d ago

Bubbles ++ well said.

WildArmed2878d ago

Way to kill counter logic w/ a one liner budget..
Kodus ;)

Exactly, I wouldn't be a gamefly member if I used that logic

jack_burt0n2878d ago

Its good to know i keep my avatars and themes if i cant re subscribe :)

first month paid for the service for me in terms of free content since then its been regular savings on psn games which last forever.

duplissi2878d ago

you also keep any addons you dl

Aloren2878d ago

Same with live. What makes these services really worth it are the discounts you get when you're a subscriber.
I saved 10 bucks this week buying some DLC thanks to my gold account that costs me 5 bucks a month... those premium services are great when you use them.

Tony-Red-Grave2878d ago

if you paid for anything, via ps+ discounts, its you'res forever. if you got it free you only own it untill you're subscription expires great deal if you ask me.

littletad2878d ago

You describe the ps+ as a discount service? Really? In that case, is it really worth the 50 bucks people are shelling out? In the most obvious sense, no. Especially when you can buy a few good games already on the psn service with that same hard earned cash. Themes and avatars are clearly aesthetics that only hold "value" based on an individuals preference for them. But the service is new, it's yet to find the content or have the content that's worthy of it's asking price. It is not worth it at the moment, and only time will tell if it will be in the future.

Scotland-Tha-Brave2878d ago

In your opinion, in my opinion it is worth it.

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prettymiwa2878d ago

This is honest story from the user. His opinion only. Not fair to say his opinion is lame.

FailOverHero2878d ago

But what if my opinion of his opinion is that it is lame? Not fair to dictate what isn't fair for me to think...although I don't think ps plus is worth it. Apparently neither do alot of people, Sony have yet to release any Plus membership numbers. Even microsoft said the number of Live subs grew by 30% last year, in a year that they announced a price hike. So far we've had nothing on Plus. But they aren't to tell us there are 69 million PSN users though.

MrBeatdown2878d ago

The only people that care about numbers are the trolls and fanboys. And the only people that need to compare Live and Plus are the desperate trolls and fanboys.

If you like what's offered, buy it. If you don't, don't buy it. Who buys it, who doesn't buy it, and how many people are buying something entirely different is meaningless to people who care about what they play, and not what other people play.

ScentlessApprentice72878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

"Playstation Plus is $50 a month"

Then F it, all bets are off!

Kewl_Kat2878d ago

One, opinions can be wrong. Two, why post an opinion on a public website and not expect any criticism?

Octo12878d ago

Is it worth it? To me its worth it and to some its not. Article like this are useless because everyone has a different opinion of "whats worth it".I paid for a year and a buddy of mine as asked if he should get the year as well. I told him to instead of going balls deep right away, why not try the 3 month subscription and then make up his mind. His 3 months is over and I no longer see the PS+ logo by his avatar.I guess to him it was not worth it.