That's Haiti in Your Resident Evil 5

Remember that Resident Evil 5-is-racist brouhaha? The E3 trailer showed large numbers of black zombies getting killed, which set off a firestorm of controversy. Killing black zombies? Masked racism, critics say. According to Kotaku well-placed insider, there is a reason for that: Resident Evil 5 takes place in Haiti, zombism's spiritual home. Speculation was that it took place in either Africa or Carribean. And yes, according to Kotaku insider, the setting is apparently Haiti. Makes sense!

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timmyp533833d ago

.. Bladestar thought i was being rascist or sumthing =(

dantesparda3833d ago

That's cuz Bladestar is an idiot! I could tell that it was either Haiti or Africa myself, its just to obvious. And especially Haiti because of the Voodoism

BIadestarX3833d ago

Actually you said it was domincan republic... so don't change it. Why would I think you are a rasist if you say it was haiti? I am not from haiti.. so why would I give a crap? The thing is that you people are so stupid to tell the difference between Haiti and domican republic.

eXplotion3833d ago

and I love my country it is nothin like haiti FTW

MADGameR3833d ago

I've never been do Dominican Republic. All I know is that they have all kinds of skin colored people. Super white, white, tan, yellow, dark, etc. Same goes with Puerto Rico.

Lifendz3833d ago

I never thought the game was racist. Now if he was dressed in a Klan outfit that'd be different. Glad to see Capcom isn't afraid to reach out with RE5 rather than give us more of the same. Perhaps the next one can take place in Tokyo.

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monkey6023833d ago

I remember reading it was about Haitians in OPSM and I thought that made sense. Just because this has said does that mean people wont call it rascist though?

Juggalo3833d ago

My bad sorry... I hit diasgree by mistake...

monkey6023833d ago

Dont worry about it Juggalo ;) thanks for telling me though.

KratosKilla3833d ago

I was just reading about Haiti today and how there are legends of strong and Powerful undead monsters that resemble zombies. There is also a mixture that can turn someone into a zombielike creature. You rub a powder on someone skin and they then are knocked out for an extended period of time. Voodoo doctors did this to adulterers in the past then they would bury you in a coffin for a couple of hours and dig them up and they would walk in the zombified state. These mixtures also caused brain damage which sometimes made their face and arms lag as if they had a stroke. I think this mixture was made of pufing fish and an inside part in a Poisonous frog. I learned all this in my biology class.

ag1013833d ago

i guess it;d makes sense i mean i am Haitian and i know that right now , somewhere in haiti they b makin those voodoo experiment on ppl and they way they (trailer zombies) are acting does not really surprise me

and btw it does happen since one day in the news the foud a dead guy , i guess a failed experiment , havin half his body like a cow lol

doublertist3833d ago

how people think this game is racist? just cuz its a white guy killing black zombies....the first 4 games had a bunch of white redneck zombies getting killed....but now that hes killing zombies of a different race its a hate crime....

ag1013833d ago

like i said it's not racist , i mean i don't think of it this way and iam haitian ... those things happen everyday in Haiti

doublertist3833d ago

dont worry im not saying you said its racist but in general people are saying it is....

mesh13833d ago

bull i don't mind res5 but it is a bit racist like most games are there is a message in bioshock thst says u can alter id with the adam good can become bad black can be born white ? like wtf why wud a black person wana be born white and this is in bio shock and also have u ever seen a black guy ina game killing a group of white ppl ?

dinkeldinkse3833d ago

San Andreas.I kill white and black people all time

monkey6023833d ago

Hey Mesh the Resident Evil Outbreak games had Jim/Mark both black playable characters killing white zombies.

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360Jamaican40GigFL3833d ago

F*ck haitians they be coming over to jamaica and causing crime and violence in the country with the guns they bring

ThaGeNeCySt3833d ago

I'm haitian and well... fvck you.


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