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Is the game scary or not ? I think its a fair question. I’ve just finished my first playthrough in Dead Space 2, and I can only say that the game is amazing. Action takes place three years after the events of the first game and again it follows the story of Isaac Clarke. At the beginning of the game, he wakes on a space station named Sprawl, where is surrounded by Necromorphs and forced to survive. The fact that he had a role in the death of his beloved, haunts him throughout the game. Isaac’s losing his mind, but this has not hindered him to destroy all the Necromorphs got in his way. Dead Space 2 comes with a story that surpasses the one from the first game, and makes the game much more challenging.

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SSKILLZ2877d ago

Hmmm so is this game better than the first ? And can you travel through vents

gorebago2877d ago

There are vents. It looks badass. Very cinematic (think god of war 3 when kratos crawled in between spaces). Its alot like how uncharted 2 was a major step up from 1. A great game made way more awesome.

Like I said, the game is very cinematic and an improvement on what was already so great.I

globeofgamers2877d ago

Yes, is much better then the first game. I recommend you to try it asap.