GTTV - David Jaffe Twisted Metal Interview

Twisted Metal is back! Jaffe gives us the motherlode of information on the longest running PlayStation franchise's return in this Extended Cut interview from GT.TV's Season 4 Premiere!

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yoshiro2848d ago

I'm loving this game, and I am not even a big fan of the series!
seems like really fun to me.

DORMIN2848d ago


Freaking amazing!

thereapersson2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I'm glad there is still a franchise that has not made it to other platforms. It's stuff like this that can continue to give a system its identity. Multiplatform games are good for gamers because they allow everyone to play them, but nothing beats a solid exclusive franchise that can take full advantage of a system's hardware.

Many imitators have tried to take the crown, but none have succeeded.


I have a lot of respect for Jaffe. He has passion for his craft, and f*ck the haters that don't understand.

DarkSpawnClone2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I am a HUGE Twisted metal fan i have the original Twisted metal game in my computer desk as we speek,twisted metal is amazing.The fun i have had with Twisted Metal,man it's like no other game.I would love to sit in a room with Jaffe and just talk twisted metal all day long it was my first PlayStation game and I am so hyped.I really don't buy special editions for games BUT for twisted metal i am going to make an exception!..i have never seen a game developer more happy and exited in his work then David jaffe in this video,Jaffe has a true and real passion for twisted metal he is a fan of his own game which is really cool! this game can't come soon enough! Axel looks amazing well the whole game dose!..but hey if you are not a big fan of this game I am confident you will be after playing this version of Twisted Metal!..Split screen online is going to rock so hard!!.this is going to be one of the best PS3 Exclusives ever!

Army_of_Darkness2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

You might as well release this new twisted metal game on the PS4 considering how fuckin' long your taking to develope it!

Game looks sick though!

Redrum0592848d ago

im gonna buy 10 twistedmetal copies jeff, just for my support.

Ravage272848d ago


I'm loving everything i am seeing right now, god this is going to be so awesome when it releases later this year

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ksense2848d ago

better than having nothing right? i am guessing u r still waiting for gears

showtimefolks2848d ago

how many account so you have because every article you troll about ps3 than leave and i bet you sign back with your 10 other accounts to comment

get a life

Joni-Ice2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

@Socomnick your a funny dude. Everytime I see your comments I have to laugh cause its always negative. I find myself looking to see what you'll say negative next. Question...Do you even like Socom? You secretly have a PS3 dont you?

YogiBear2848d ago

I was about to say the same thing about your profile picture. lol

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xTruthx2848d ago

The guy strapped with explosives LOL

showtimefolks2848d ago

of the games that could be delayed into Q1 2012 along with ratchet all 4 one

just because sony has like one exclusive each month

but if i am wrong i will be more than glad to pick this up day one are there any plans for any online BETA?

Joni-Ice2848d ago

Jaffe is the Funckin man!

Persistantthug2848d ago

When I saw the game at E3, I was worried because to me it really didn't look so great. It looked dated and last gen'ish.

But watching this video, Twisted Metal is really starting to look interesting. My faith has been renewed, and hopefully the finished product become what most of us Twisted Metal 1 and 2 fans hope for.

CernaML2848d ago

This is the very first time I have ever seen a Twisted Metal game going through development. I actually felt the same way and that was probably the reason why. I never had to wait. I played the HELL out of every installment years ago without even realizing another Twisted Metal game had come out. lol

Jaffe has NEVER disappointed me with any of his Twisted Metal games. He has created my most favorite video game franchises of all time.

bluwulf2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

You know, there are a lot of fake ass people in gaming. Lots of posers. Not naming any names...

Jaffe comes across as someone who is a genuine realistic gamer who is excited about his product, and is selling it with his passion. Its not the Monelux style of how its going to change life as you know it, or how its the biggest most badastastic thing ever...

Before He kinda just came off as a mouthy douche.. But its great to hear his ideas and views on his own product.

And an amazing commentary about how fun is fun.

@ Persistant:

I had the same fears, but seeing this now... It seems everything is fully destructible, decent physics (tire flex on axle) Single player, 16 player.. good lighting, post processing, particle systems.. Kinda subtle polish like Warhawk. It's definitely not going to be the Killzone2, GT5, Uncharted 2/3, MLB, MGS4 level, but it just might be making it up with what matters, gameplay & variety.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Jaffe without cursing is not Jaffe, lol.

You can hear David for hours and not get bored, that is how awesome it is.

jack_burt0n2848d ago

jaffe is win, twisted metal day1.

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Just another game to add to my PS3 collection :)

xxmika2848d ago

hope they don't release it during the holidays...
uncharted 3
The last guardian
mass effect 3
ahh I cant have them all!

fromasterjay2848d ago

cannot wait for this game!

Urrakia342848d ago

I need Minion, Darkside, and Mr. Slam! Anyways, I can't wait to play Twisted Metal. It's been far too long...

Alpha_Gamer2848d ago

Lol, launching a patient from an ambulance on a gurney with explosives strapped to his chest. How sick and twisted lol.

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