List of Kinect Games - 2010, 2011, upcoming, rumors

From the article: "Welcome to our Kinect Games List: it is the the most up to date list on the web! Our active community around Kinect makes sure it stays that way. Each of the games in the list has a review, preview, news associated, trailer, game play video and loads more! As you can imagine, there is a broad range of Xbox Kinect Games so please take your time to consider them individually."

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btk2875d ago

Some more pet, party and dance games mostly.

EasilyTheBest2875d ago

Yea you keep telling yourself that...

FailOverHero2874d ago

Some more kinect haters and naysayers mostly.

just_looken2874d ago

watch this

now is kinect new? no and it ruined 360 very little games for non casuals

candystop2874d ago


Are you kidding me lol? That is nothing on the level of Kinect. Everybody knows eye toy and dream eye existed first but KInect is a quantum leap over those two devices. Please play it to understand instead of making yourself look stupid. That game is more like the kingfu live game on PS3 and like I said has nothing on KInect. You see Kinect id doing things only possible with it an on 360 only. Sony has nothing like it sorry.

AkidzukiYoujiro2874d ago

Kinect is great on PC with all its applications but so far, to me, it is like a disease on the 360. MS should shift the main focus back to the Hardcore crowd.

candystop2874d ago

What I dont get is how did you join 1 hour ago and already have 3 bubbles.Trolling hard out of the gate I see.

mark01922874d ago

A disease on the 360? How is that? Money made through these games will make it possible to take a little more risk on indie games or AAA titles imo.

Rainstorm812874d ago

i dont know why BTK got disagrees but let me name some of the upcoming games on the list......

Dance Paradise
Dance on Broadway
Fantastic Pets
Michael Jackson: The Experience
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
UFC Personal Trainer
Get Fit With Mel B
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Winter Sports 3: The Great Tournament
Michael Phelps: Push Limit
Mel B Dance
Spongebob Squarepants

Other than not saying Sports/fitness games he was spot on with what most of the games are. Easily & Fail how long will you guys ignore the obvious? I mean seriously, Kinect is NOT for us core gamers.

green2874d ago

@ Raiinstorm81:
"I mean seriously, Kinect is NOT for us core gamers. "

When did you become the voice of the core gamer?As a "gamer" that played Panzer Dragoon orta and have been dieing for a sequel ever since. I am seriusly anticipating the release of Project Draco which points to be panzer Dragoon Ortas spiritual sucessor..

So plezse, if nothing on that lists interests you, simply say so. But in no way shape or form should you turn your opinion or your interests into a statement that reflects the mindset of other gamers.

Rainstorm812874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Whatever floats your boat but its about 30 games on that list and MOST (key word) are casual crap.... You naming 1 game out of 30 kinda proves my point.

BTW project draco wasnt one of the games i had listed above....

green2874d ago

Is that not the way it is for every console? Okay lets try something, you bring a list of every single game that will release on PS3 both full fledged move ps3 games with whatever control method and PSN games.Now tell me, how many will be of an interest to you?

There are over 645 games on the ps3 released over the past 4 years. thats an average of 150+ a year. Do all 150+ appeal to you? DOes half of them appeal to you? Infact i doubt a quarter of them will appeal to you.

Apart from Project Draco, i am also interested in seeing Suda 51's game Codename D. Also interest in Star Wars Kinect and Rise of Nightmares.

On a side note, you dont like kinect, you never have and you never will. SO why do you even bother commenting in Kinect articles?

falviousuk2874d ago

there are more Kinect games coming out than the 'cherry' picked list you mentioned.

How about Project Dravo (which you havent mentioned)
Steel battalion
Child of Eden
Forza 4
Star Wars game
Grand Slam tennis
Rise of nightmares
Codename D

and there are more, no dance games listed in that lot. easy to pick a select list to go along wiht inaccurate statements.

Im a core gamer, i also have kinect and enjoy playing games using it. get over it, just because you dont like it, doesnt mean everyone else should dislike it also.

Rainstorm812874d ago

i guess reading isnt fanboys strongpoints... MOST is the key word here.....BTK said MOST, i said MOST,and MOST of the games on that list is casual crap... learn to read and comprehend....

Oh and i comment on Kinect articles because i own a 360 and is concerned about MS gaming direction. When i see majority casual games from a company that used to be considered having the definitive gaming platform for the first 4 years of its existence, I voice my opinion...

There are people on N4G that arent fanboys or is involved in some fake ass consumer war..... Stand down captain, the war never existed.

In my house PS3 and 360 are on the same team.....

green2874d ago

Look at who is calling someone a fanboy?

"MOST is the key word here.....BTK said MOST, i said MOST,and MOST of the games on that list is casual crap"

Most of the games released on any popular console since consoles began are casual crap or plain shovelware.

The wii, ps3 + move 360 + kinect, PSP all fall into that category. Or i guess you think all Move games all AAA hardcore games.

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TBM2874d ago

You know the only people I can see defending this camera are the diehard fanboys, gamers with kids, and gamers who like to get drunk and d*ck around with friends just for sh*ts and giggles.

I fall into neither of these categories; I refuse to have this camera, and the shovelware that comes with it to grace my 360.

BabyTownFrolics2874d ago

so your not a fanboy, you dont have kids, and you dont get drunk and dick around with friends for shits and giggles.

yet you do come here to complain about something you dont own and dont want to own.

so when comparing what your not and what you are I might take a moment for some self reflection,

TBM2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Why so serious baby?

Thats I don't have kids so what? I don't get drunk because im not a drinker like that. Now I don't d*ick around with friends for sh*ts and giggles, but I don't need to spend$ 150 on a camera to do that.

Also last I heard anyone can voice their opinion here in america, and seeing this is a community forum for gamers im voicing mine. Deal with it

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NoobJobz2874d ago

The only one I'm looking forward to is Dance Central 2. I'll probably end up renting and playing most on the list at some point but I don't know about buying.

mac_attack2874d ago

Wife loves dance central but I just use it for the yourshape and sports, great exercise those two. I hope they dont come out with something too addictive my body cant take much more :p

But the possibilities are there, some of those core games in development have to turn out.