Test Drive Unlimited 2: First Look (23 minutes of gameplay)

23 minutes of Test Driver Unlimited 2 gameplay. It shows a lot of stuff.

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lunicmaster2874d ago

my mistake :(. I've fixed it

MaximusPrime2874d ago

you fixed the title. thanks. i just found another one in description too. could you fix that one please? thanks for the video. cant wait for the game

bluwulf2874d ago

Are police in the TDU world?

bluwulf2874d ago

excellent.... I'm a huge GT5 buff, but at times I wish someone created a sim that let you do the PGR style free drive, had traffic, cops.. and good visuals.

TDU looks like the closest it will be.. as long as t he driving is challenging at least... day one.

Blaze9292874d ago

um wtf? What is up with that video? Better yet, those graphics? I'm guessing whoever recorded this footage had a really crappy PC?

For the love of Test Drive Atari, do not let TDU2 release like that.

norman292874d ago

Not a shitty PC from whoever recorded it (if it is pc version) thats what the game looks like

Blaze9292874d ago

can't be dude, it looks worse than TDU1. Looks like some Xbox 1 title. I have this game pre-ordered and if it truly does look and play like this I'm canceling my Amazon order. Not what I was expecting.

morkendo232874d ago

never did like TEST DRIVE. if it was a racer like NFS,GRID,F1,GT yes but driving around a island with traffic no.

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lugia 40002874d ago

I will play this game for at least 1 month. I love how free this world is.


I noticed that too, I just wont an awesome test drive off road game. like test drive off road 2 was the best. good thing theres motorstorm.

HK62874d ago

Looks awesome. Can't wait to get this.

ASSASSYN 36o2873d ago

Being a videogame, it is quite fake. ;)

Xbox360PS3AndPC2873d ago

Well This Game Is Made For Racing So The Handling Should Not Be That Fake, Hell Gta IV A Game Which Is A Open World Sandbox Has Way Better Car Handling & The Best Car Damage Ever Seen In A Game

EliteDave932874d ago

I hope thats an early version becuse it dont look to good :S

ProjectVulcan2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Dude i played the PC beta and it looks wonderful everything turned up, really gorgeous. I was rubbing my eyes too when i saw this video, this has to be the console version, and its not even close to the PC one. I mean the gap is just huuuugggeeeee

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The story is too old to be commented.