Tgs07: Kotaku's LittleBigPlanet Impressions

In their recent impression of LittleBigPlanet, Kotaku had this to say:

"I really liked the way they let you play LittleBigPlanet at the Playstation 3 booth: 3 at a time you sat down and played 4-players with your game guide (well, booth babe, if you prefer that terminology). This setup really let you experience the multi-player component of the game, and it's a blast. When one player couldn't make it to our platform, we went and helped him out with the obstacle, and that feeling of being a team stayed throughout. The character designs are cute -- made even more cute by the comments from our "game guide" -- and the levels are just gorgeous. Why aren't we getting this kind of art direction from XBLA?"

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fenderputty3895d ago

I seriously cannot wait for this game. This is the next level in platforming games. Make your own level and share/compare it online. Play in a team. Play alone. You do what you want and create what you want. It's going to be awesome.

SlappyMcTaint3895d ago

I can't wait for this one! Truly innovative, next-gen gameplay.

what a great quote: "Why aren't we getting this kind of art direction from XBLA?"

Answer: Because they have to wait for someone else to do it first, then copy it.

razer3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Oh yea, MS copies everything and Sony is the true innovator.. you must have a huge load in that diaper there Slappy!

I would say it's more because of the size limit for XBLA games which is currently 150MB. LBP would not fit into that size and I'm sure there will be future games on the XBLA that will be more directed at user generated content. Kotaku loves to jab at MS and are more Sony fanboys than anything so I'm not surprised by this comment. XBLA is NOT meant for full game downloads but more casual type games that can be quickly downloaded and fit on to a memory card. Just because Sony has an idea doesn't mean everyone will follow, those days are dead.

This game looks fantastic and I think it's going to get rave reviews. I hope Sony plans to demo this on store kiosks because it's going to end up like Viva Pinata where the casual gamer doesn't understand what it's all about and won't get hooked on the idea unless they can play it.

SonySoldiers3895d ago

What a cute game.. it won't be a system seller unfortunately.

gamesR4fun3895d ago

How could it happen anywheres but on psn? (unless $ony corners the market)

And ya Im sure this title will sell consoles if you look at the limitless potential of this game you'll see why.

Vojkan3895d ago

Aside this game, TGS as TGS SUCKS big time! What the hell, today there were no new announcements, and day (there) is over!

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The story is too old to be commented.