XBOXHome: Forza 4 Preview and Genre Splitting

"For those racing fans out there, it is time to take a look at what Forza 4 is going to offer us. While there is no definite release date, it is expected to be released in Q3 of 2011..."

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Kon2873d ago

Best racing game of 2011

EasilyTheBest2873d ago

Cant wait to see how well they get this game working with Kinect.

Ryudo2873d ago

It would be awesome it they allowed the use of Kinect to look around your cockpit (lol) why racing.

Like when racing in cockpit view on other racing games your view is stuck in one place.

But with Kinect you could say look left a little into your side mirrors to see what's behind you, or look right when driving around a corner to see the best angle.

Anarki2873d ago

I'm getting a serious case of DE-JA-VU! here ;)

thereapersson2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

This is a serious question, because I am not aware of all the capabilities of Kinect. Can Kinect sense depth of motion, e.g. how much acceleration you will give your car based off of the position your foot is in? Will there be a calibration deadzone so if your foot goes outside a certain area (you know, because you aren't resting it on anything), it won't throw off the speed of your vehicle?

The same goes with braking pressure and clutch finesse. I'm just confused as to how this will work on Kinect.

thereapersson2873d ago

Ok, so instead of giving me a valid answer, insecure fanboys hide in the shadows and hit the disagree button. I'm just going to take that as a "no".

So it affirms my original suspicion that Kinect doesn't work with games like this. You know, unless someone can actually provide a constructive, non-confrontational answer to my question.

Ryudo2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


More fool you for expecting a serious answer on N4G, I think this site is one of the only places on the interwebs where because can disagree with fact.

I wouldn't pay any attention to disagrees anyway, if there wasn't a response or a rebuttal to your comment then clearly there hitting disagree out of bias.

I personally don't disagree with people often it's pointless, there's enough 12 year olds on N4G with no serious input on anything to abuse that useless system.

@Disagrees thanks for proving my point... you guy's honestly I hope one day your able to think for yourself. it's a real shame your brain has such wasted potential...

Tinasumsum2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

He can find out more about Kinect on the interwebs like google, in detail. Half the people on this site are angry fanboys so it isn't a good place to ask such a thing about Kinect and 360 related stuff. He probably got disagrees because he came off as a fanboy. Might of come acros as double talk suggesting what he thinks are limitations with a question. Maybe they know his history, maybe you know his intent and why you're using the defense of him as an excuse to justify his nonsense.

morkendo232873d ago

i agree easilythebest
my main concern is with braking. its not like kinect have brake paddles

EasilyTheBest2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Im not thinking of controlling all of Forza with Kinect I was just thinking what Ryudo said, using Kinect to let you look around your cockpit looking up at mirrors and looking into corners and looking to the sides to see whos coming up on you.

Braking and acceleration seems a bit awkward to do but Im sure they will find a way around it. A bit like walking in a FPS, they have got around that from what I can see in some of the videos thats been posted recently.
Oh and the depth thing with the foot must work as they had this working on Burnout back at E3. Edge mag and lots of others remarked that it worked great.

bluwulf2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Thereaperson, heres 200cc's of calm down. Enjoy...

I said no, because it can't. It hasn't shown it can, by any means ever on the 360 or the PC.(Detecting a slight angle of a ankle rotation IE: Brake/Clutch/Gas) You weren't asking if Kinect could sense a kick, which it can, and which is how burnout was accelerated. A foot forward. Outside of the fake e3 promotional video with the girl changing gears and her father swapping tyres... Nothing like that can be done, and more than likely wouldn't make sense. You'd have to hold your feet at an angle to represent clutch/brake/gas as well as your arms out for an entire 30 minute race... You sure you don't just want to buy a steering wheel at this point? Which is 1:1...and has force feedback.

Everything is possible of course, but Microsoft isn't investing heavily in any sort of R&D that has shown videos of anything close to the precision you're speaking of.

People say there are no stupid questions, but your query based on the reality of the world of Kinect, was a stupid one. I'm sure most started typing to you, then just said "forget it". and hit the disagree button.

The only thing Kinect & Forza will do which will be actually useful to playing, is capturing photos for textures, Headtracking like GT5, and exploring a car in a sort of photo mode.

candystop2873d ago

Bluwulf...Your wrong and very unimaginative. Kinect will simply put you in the cockpit just like it puts your shadow(or whatever its called) in games like Kinect adventures.Also isn't depth of motion already there sense in some games you can stick your arms out and touch things at different depths?

fooltheman2872d ago

let's see what they come up with...
I can understand both people...

The question isn't necessarily if it's possible.. But if it's gonna be useable..

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FailOverHero2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Double post

SuperLupe2873d ago

I'll take Forza 4 thank you. Not all that into arcady dirt racers.

geodood2873d ago

"Not all that into arcady dirt racers."
However you are into arcadey racers minus the dirt? ala Forza 3? don't be hatin' on the dirt.

Vega752873d ago

If you talking arcade racers you need to try GT5. It's a arcade racer until you reach lvl 40.

Tr10wn2873d ago

@Vega75 lol i know i had to give it more time, i sold the game when i hit level 8, beside nascar that game was terrible.

JsonHenry2873d ago

You can turn all the assists on/off in Forza...

justinb12873d ago

You can tell who hasn't played the game, and who is just a blind fanboy

Nope, you can never turn off active steering. It's actually on the community's list of improvements for a patch.

Vega752872d ago

I hope your not saying I don't own GT5 or haven't played it. Because your wrong on both counts. GT5 is a arcade racer until you reach lvl 40. There's no damage, the AI is retarded until lvl40, you mostly playing bumper cars throughout the whole game. Oh and you can check my psn account. It's a arcades racer with sim elements.

Psn Hannibal 75
Xbl. B A Baracus 75
Steam: vega 75

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trevonn952873d ago

i thought forza was a sim eh?

gcolley2872d ago

sims don't sell enough. it is the perception of being a sim that people enjoy without all the annoying turnoffs. this is why there are no racing sims on console.

InTheLab2873d ago

I hope they give us more than just Season mode. I dumped my XBL this year so half of FM3 is now unplayable. I really hope they focus on other race events outside of season play and not dump everything into the online...

So, with a little more variety (not talking about the tracks...those were awesome), it will be the best racing game of 2011..

FailOverHero2873d ago

What are you on about? There's free play. Split screen. Quick race. Hot lap...all offline

InTheLab2873d ago

I mean a few more structured events would be nice..

And the coolest thing about FM3 is Storefront. You must have an XBL account to access that right?

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awiseman2873d ago ShowReplies(4)
ChristianGamer2873d ago

Cannot wait for this. Forza 4 for the win...or rather 4zaWin

trancefreak2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

If your a car racing fan whats wrong with playing both. This article isnt biased at all by know means lol.

I like to race cars so I will play forza on one tv and gt5 on another.

I wasnt directing my comment towards your post christian gamer just wanted the space.

dtrain212873d ago

The definitive racing game this gen

jammydude2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I 100% agree with you. Very appropriate wording. Game. Not simulator.

FailOverHero2873d ago

Well yeah, this is after all news for GAMErs, not news for simmers

pollocks2873d ago

Literally made no sense FailoverHero. Racing sim players are now not gamers?

FailOverHero2873d ago

Made about as much sense as insinuating that somehow simulators aren't games or are somehow above them.

zez2873d ago

"simulators aren't games or are somehow above them."


simulators are a different category of game to arcade racing games. Just like how FPS games are different to RPG games, you see?

A great simulator can be a good game, but a great arcade game cannot be a good simulator. Comprende?

Aloren2873d ago

Well, Forza is still a simulator.

starcrafter2872d ago

No it's not. Permanent driving assists are only there on arcade racing games. NOT simulators. Add that to it's other handling model inadequacies and you have a typical arcade racing game.

Aloren2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Yes it is. Try Ridge Racer or Burnout, those are arcade racers. Forza is not. You can deactivate the driving assists, and even it if still feels too assisted to you, that doesn't make it is an arcade game. What kind of argument is that ?
"damage with no influence on the handling are only there in arcade racing, to GT5 is an arcade racing", see, just as nonsensical.

I wonder when will people learn that they don't have to come up with hypocritical bullshit regarding one game just because they prefer another game...

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trancefreak2873d ago

More like news for haters! gamers where are you???

Customer likes game buys game.

Customer doesnt own paticular console but wants game so he buys both. Big deal play them all.

My console is better than your console is frickin lame.

DelbertGrady2873d ago

Forza 4, Shift 2 and Dirt 3 will be the racing games on my list in 2011. My gut, and impressions, tell me that TDU 2 will be garbage, but I hope I'll be proven wrong.

Sarcasm2873d ago

I disagree. Forza 4 could be great, and Dirt 3 (on PC at least) will be awesome, but Shift 2 is a meh to me. If they somehow made the cars feel normal and not feel like a 5000lb chevy wagon, then it might end up being good.

pollocks2873d ago

"and Dirt 3 (on PC at least)" ?
Why can't it be great on consoles? the devs aren't that bad are they?

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