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Japanese developers talk Xbox 360 in 2011 — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Every year, Famitsu’s Xbox 360 subsidiary, Famitsu 360, interviews a number of Japanese game developers and inquires on their plans for the console in the next year. This year’s interview session has hit newsstands, and we’ve got the details." (5pb, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom, Cave, Hudson, Microsoft Game Studios, Sega, Ubisoft, Xbox 360)

JewelTheif  +   1645d ago
X360's not really the big cheese in Japan, is it?
lelo2play  +   1645d ago
Yep... MS had quite a few exclusive JRPG's in the beginning, but the Japanese just didn't want the X360. I guess no more exclusive JRPG's for the X360 in the near future. I'd really like Lost Odyssey 2 but it probably won't happen.
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JusenkyoGuide  +   1645d ago
people want jrpgs on ps3 not xbox 360 lol.
candystop  +   1645d ago
Kind of like people want shooters on 360 not PS3 lol.
livinwitbias  +   1645d ago
If I were MS I would dump the Japan market and use the money toward aquiring some 1st party software houses. Or use the money to strengthen other markets.

To hell with Japan.
r1sh12  +   1645d ago
The whole market is very different, shooters are not big.
The xbox is sort of made for that style of gaming, and its the home market for ps3/nintendo so MS will never expect to do amazing, but I guess they are trying to get a small following and hoping it could snowball.
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lelo2play  +   1645d ago
"people want jrpgs on ps3 not xbox 360 lol."

With all the JRPG's the PS3 has, you do realize that the only successful (sales wise) JRPG on the PS3 is FF13?

In Europe and America not many people buy JRPG's.
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Tinasumsum  +   1645d ago
Not really but they are high rollers in the industry as a whole. Nice try troll harder. Whata brain dead article.
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karl  +   1645d ago
Who gives a crap.. they contribution to the industry is equal to nothing!..
kazman  +   1645d ago
Watch out Tinasumsum I just got back from a 3 day suspension for calling a guy a troll, called the mods on it and got banned for 3 days. Surprise surprise
ChristianGamer  +   1645d ago
On the subject of japan, I read on another comment section that Black Ops sold more in japan than gt5...lol.
Anyway, what is the big deal with japan?
TBM  +   1645d ago
really last i saw it barely broke the 100k mark while GT5 in closing in on 600k? also without japan you dont get mario, zelda, GT5, Resident Evil, street fighter, capcom vs whatever, all japanese rgps, just to name a few. i would take these over most games.
mrv321  +   1645d ago

* There will be at least 4 Xbox 360 games released in 2011'

Capcom predicitions are a bit conservative... watch mine. Atleast 1 person will be born in the next 2 days.

This reads like a death note for the 360 in Japan.
kissmeimgreek  +   1645d ago
Im pretty sue he meant 4 CAPCOM xbox 360 games...
m2345  +   1645d ago
lol, four games. idk whether to laugh or just shake my head at this.
ceedubya9  +   1645d ago
This IS Japan after all. 360 doesn't do great there.
Stealth20k  +   1645d ago
So what I got out of this is alot of the same. The ps3 is the system of choice in japan along with the psp being the handheld of choice (as of late)

@ below, the console of choice in the US seems to be the wii............its outselling all 3 consoles
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Armyntt  +   1645d ago
And tbh the X360 is the console of choice in the US. Not a fanboy here either. It just goes both ways.
FailOverHero  +   1645d ago
Handheld of choice is still the ds. You keep running to it each time you wanna down play halo reach sales by claiming pokemon black and white outsold it. Only reason you think psp is selling more is because media create list ds, dsi, ds lite and that silly jumbo ds as seperate consoles but tally them up and they are still numero uno

Oh and I noticed you pointed out the wii as the console of choice in the US but somehow manage to say PS3 is the console of choice in Japan...? Last I checked, Wii was still number 1. And if you wanna hide behind your as of late statement, X360 has been number 1 in the US for 6 months last year. . .
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DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1645d ago
what i fin interesting is that japan has completely blown off the kinect. i thought japan embrassed kinect with open arms.
Rage_S90  +   1645d ago
no space for it imo
Darkseeker  +   1645d ago
Most of those titles are either multiplatform or are never coming out of japan (like those Dream C Club games).
Cloudberry  +   1645d ago
Or GalGun.
And Idolm@ster.

And My Wife.

And others.
bligmerk  +   1645d ago
The most common consensus is that Kinect is Dead On Arrival in Japan, and considering Microsoft considers Kinect the re-fresh for the 360 does not look good for 2011. It is hard to imagine it doing any less but it looks like it is going to taper down to almost nothing.
Octo1  +   1645d ago
I find its very interesting the the 360 does not do well in Japan.
Some people think its because its not Japanese but Apple an American company is doing quite well there.Some people say because due to it being a MS product its being associated with the Windows OS.I've even read that "X" itself means something negative. I honestly don't see why MS bothers with Japan.
dgroundwater  +   1645d ago
"Cave will showcase 3 new Xbox 360 titles at a February event."

And with any luck we will get one of them here!

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