Nintendo Takes First Shot At PSP2, Sony Got Reggie Nervous

It’s amazing how the pioneers of hand held gaming has become a little worried about competition, thanks to Sony being the only company to ever stand tall against Nintendo and survive with the psp (Playstation Portable). Gamers never thought that we will see a round 2 but it’s here and it’s real, Sony is after Apple and Nintendo with the PSP 2, the most vicious hand held in gaming history.

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Hitman07692875d ago

With so many games and developers finally getting sick of the weak 3rd party software sales on Nintendo platforms I can totally see SONy PSP2 being a powerhouse of dev support.

Just wait until a Need for Speed is announced, it's a wrap.

watchyourback2875d ago

Nintendo will still win the war... guaranteed.

Dark_Charizard2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Wo... Easy now! Let's not get ahead of ourselves Mr. Hiphopgamer.

"Intimidate" - Nintendo is confident of 3DS and your assumption is completely baseless.
"Revolutionize" - Care to elaborate how PSP2 has revolutionized the competition?
"Defeat" - LOL, I can't take you seriously anymore..

PS - How was this BS article approved after being FAILED already once?

TheLastGuardian2875d ago

Tell it like it is HipHopGamer. 3DS is done. All the Nintendo fans will buy the 3DS. Let 'em. The PSP2 is going to be the greatest handheld ever.

Muffins12232875d ago

in sales yes...... but more than half of those people are under 10 tat buy those...i know,because when i was 6 i LOVED nintendo,and now i hate them,so dose everyone else around me . In classroom when jammal ask 360 or ps3,he dident even mention mention the wii........ psp 2 if you compare ti in features and everything is so badly dominates it

StbI9902875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I love how dark charizard went from xbox defender to nintendo xD...anyway

"Intimidate" - (Nintendo is confident of 3DS and your assumption is completely baseless.)
Confident? sure, but hope there confidence doesn't come from the mere 3D tech itself, if not, it will not last long and indeed they should be VERY intimidate.

"Revolutionize" - (Care to elaborate how PSP2 has revolutionized the competition?)
3DS = Same past tech N' implemented + 3D = Some good effect here and there, and that is, don't expect the lasting appeal like the dual screen had.

NGP = Monopolization of a device for both Iphone/3DS market, not to metion the new tech addition like Six/axis, rear/trackpad, two stick, GPS, 3G for a wider range of possibilities = More games = More support = More marketshare = Win.

"Defeat" - (LOL, I can't take you seriously anymore..)
LOL, he is just hyped, nintendo will not be defeated by any means, nintendo has it set for a good race, but they can't hope for thing coming out the same as last time, Can't see it happening, (that if the NGP get a good price point, which with kaz hirai in the front, I can see it happening).

So yeah, in resume, Nintendo and apple should be VERY scared.

ChickeyCantor2875d ago

Keep in mind that NOT EVERYONE will get 3G.
Sony will release more NGP models because of this.
Some will have 3G and some won't.
Wifi however is standard with all of em.

klado2875d ago

What is your point Sidar?, that doesn't mean nothing but user's choice.

3G is simply a good strategy to make android user bend for the NGP, (basically saying, you can uses your same data plan on the device), there you go.

iforgotmylogin2874d ago

it means there will be a NGPsp3G and NGPpsp2 and tons of incarnations of the psp2 the same thing ppl complained about for nintendos hand helds and the incarnations and now sony will do the same thing and it will be perfectably acceptable.

imo last i checked 3DS had sensors for tilt and et. psp2 is not that revolutionary

AWBrawler2875d ago

yeah cos little companies like D3P are going to spend all kind of money making a game on NGP when they could make a less expensive one on 3DS that actully sells. DS 3rd party games sell Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaay better than wii 3rd parties . people love 3rd party DS, just look at Scribblenauts, DragonQuest, mysims, sonic rush, and stuff like cooking mama

klado2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I don't think you are getting it all here which is a shame placing you like a fanboy... they don't need to make expensive games for a platform they can program software to, they only need to make them appealing enough for an instance, like infinity blade/etc. Shame, guess you've pretty much a hole across the field for not getting such a clear point like what Stb stated.

Will nintendo only retro-shop games be any more appealing than a 10/1 dollars game? ^.^.

" companies like D3P are going to spend all kind of money making a game on NGP, DS 3rd party games sell Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaay better than wii 3rd parties "

What? 3DS = 4X the power of the DS, what makes you think these games wouldn't be ported to the NGP knowing both has touch screen capabilities?

TruthbeTold2875d ago

klado, you are the one that doesn't quite get it. Take a game like 'The Last Story' for instance. Because it was on Wii, a decent amount of monetary resources meant a huge, good looking game for that system and its gamers. With that amount of money spent, you can't do the same things on a more powerful system. Of course The Last Story could have been released as is on an HD console, but no one would buy it. People would resent it and claim that blah blah blah is better because of the graphics. Also, sure Scribblenauts and MySims could be released for PSP2, but how many people who spend $350-$400 on a handheld gaming system are really going to buy those types of games? A small percentage. That crowd wants the Uncharted's and Call of Duty's, and Final Fantasy's.

spectyre2875d ago

@ AWBrawley & TruthbeTold
I believe this is the purpose of the Playstation Suite. A company like D3P can make a small game for the NGP and it will also be available to the Android market. I think this is a brilliant move for Sony to attract more developers for PSP software. DS sells gangbusters but not as much as mobile phones. Devs will be attracted to the largest possible audience.

AWBrawler2875d ago

we still don't know how the eshop will work. since they did away with points, we may see 99cent games like the ipod. We don't know yet, and also i know 3DS is almost Wii level, but doesn't wii have more games on it than the other 2 consoles???? because comparatively, its easier to develop for. same applies here.

AWBrawler2875d ago

and why wouldn't they just play those on the android? I miss how that is beneficial to the sales of the NGP. You're shooting yourself in the foot here. And what's to say someone who buys NGP is going to want to play angry birds? If anything those people are more likely to play brainage and nintendogs on a 3DS.

software may sell, because of multiplatform, but the NGP itself will need to do something that makes people want it as opposed to a PS3 or a Smartphone.

klado2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

" but how many people who spend $350-$400 on a handheld gaming system are really going to buy those types of games? A small percentage. That crowd wants the Uncharted's and Call of Duty's, and Final Fantasy's."

That some people don't buy the tool cus of the NGP's demographic, doesn't mean some wouldn't/won't furthermore, plus the fact that the NGP is stated as the easiest handheld console to develop to, so why no?

"and why wouldn't they just play those on the android? I miss how that is beneficial to the sales of the NGP. You're shooting yourself in the foot here. And what's to say someone who buys NGP is going to want to play angry birds? If anything those people are more likely to play brainage and nintendogs on a 3DS."

Maybe those game may have a better control? giving the full gaming experience? It is all about selection, there may be a niche market awaiting this kind of game, there may be not, but something is to be assured , the wider the range of customer is, the better ingress will the dev team posses, hard to get? guess no, so move on.

I would like to play angry bird since I don't posess an android phone, how many people like me don;t you think there is? there is a market of consumers to exploit, being the NGP a stellar platform to doing so, that doesn't need of a expensive data plan, making it way appeling than these android device for pople like myself ^.^, there.

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oricon2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Nintendo is more likely to be more successful as great as the NGP is, development on the platform is probably going to be much more expensive due to how powerful the system is which is going to be a big impact as it will most likely have a smaller user base due to it being targeted at the core, I dont think developers will want to risk it. The system is ahead of its time like the PS3 was when it was released i think in about 2-3 like the ps3 cycles we will probably see a whole slew of titles like we seeing on the Ps3.

And FYI Need for Speed is not a system seller.

I was excited about the 3ds at first till i saw the NGP, what Sony has to do is i think is to make a deal with Square to get a Dragon Quest title on that system which will boost system sales as Japan is probably the leading countries for handheld gaming. I want the NGP as its mainly new titles and not remakes.

And Hiphopgamer needs to stop making his own news up one of these hes probably going to get sued for false publicity. >>

ozstar2875d ago

"finally getting sick of the 3rd party software sales"

Nintendo launches 3DS with 90% of titles from third parties.
Capcom brings Megaman Legends 3, 2 Resident Evil games to 3DS.
Konami brings Metal Gear Solid.

Keep on denying it.

iforgotmylogin2874d ago

weak 3rd party sales. if the game isnt trash it will sell millions on the ds.

sonys systems are known for piracy. if you think ppl that had a hacked psp are just gonna up and buy games ur dumb.

sony never gets good 3rd party stuff

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MaroonersRock2875d ago

I think Nintendo will still have the upper-hand, which is unfortunate because the NGP appears to be pretty impressive. One main thing that will sway the "battle" in Nintendo's favor is the fact that the 3DS will be coming out in a couple of months, unlike the NGP which won't be out for almost a full calendar year.

klado2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It is all about software, if there is a constat stream of them for the NGP just like the ps3 is simply doing, these numbers will flip backward in a flash.

Only the price is what sony need to get a hold into, doubting they are going for the big first place fish for a while though.

MaroonersRock2874d ago

While I do agree with most of what you said, you have to remember way back when the PlayStation was released and then shortly after the SEGA Dreamcast hit store shelves. While the Dreamcast was a fantastic console, it was overshadowed by the PlayStation and the novelty of having a disc-based console had passed.

Because of the delay in release, Dreamcast lost out on potential sales and people were less willing to plunk down money on a console that, in their eyes, did the same thing. Sure the controllers were different, the DC had online capabilities, and gave us gems like Power Stone, Marvel vs. Capcom, Phantasy Star Online, and more... but it was too late. Consumers were eating up Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, and other games like they were candy.

Do I think the NGP will share the same fate as the SEGA Dreamcast? No, but it is definitely something Sony should worry about since there is a sizable gap between when both handhelds hit store shelves, and then there is the worry that the NGP will have a much higher retail price which will put off a lot of consumers thanks to the economy. Why spend almost $400(just an estimated price) when one can spend $100 less and get something that's equally in demand?

9thGenHero2875d ago

People boast about Nintendo and their sales, but the thing is, they aren't getting a cut. The NGP is a gamer's dream, but some people are still looking down on it just because they feel and know that Nintendo's 3DS will be putting up sales. Don't people realize that the NGP has the potential, technology, and support to create a hardcore gaming experience??

TruthbeTold2875d ago

The problem isn't that people don't see that. It's true. The problem is that some people don't realize the same thing about the 3DS. If you can afford both, great. If you can only afford one, choose what works best for you. No reason to look down on the other hand held. That's absurd.

miyamoto2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Interesting pricing wars ahead!

Though its too early to make an educated prediction until all cards has been laid out.

Nintendo will be selling 3DS at a profit at $250... but has the room to easily slash the price lower if needed.

Again if you are an average middle income parent buying your kids a toy.... $300 NGP vs a $200 3DS its a no brainer.

Then again Sony has always targeted the " 19 years old" market as opposed to Nintendo's 12 & below.

Sony needs to aggressively nail the NGP's price at $300.00 to stay competitive.
I can see Sony targeting the teen female market too.

also it depends a lot on the games 3DS line up is aimed at PSP gamers & now the NGP has the ability to have DS type games because of its touch screen!

Check this out: Resident Evil on 3DS and Cooking Mama on NGP!

With 3DS Nintendo has the chance to eat on the PlayStation market with thier "hardcore" titles and NGP with touch features has the chance to eat on Nintendo's and iOS market with casual games.

I am predicting a fairly even fight between 3DS & NGP like the rivalry between the PS3 & 360.

Mista T2875d ago

Sony needs effectively advertise the PSP2's features to combat Nintendo, since they are going to be pushing the feature of 3d on the 3ds in their ads.

TheLastGuardian2875d ago

That's going to be a long ass commercial trying to explain all those many features of the PSP2. If It's featuring Kevin Butler than the longer the better.

Da One2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

This how Sony needs to do this......

US - CoD, GTA:San Andreas Stories
JPN - Monster Hunter 3 and Final Fantasy
EU - Gran Turismo or any Racer, plus CoD and GTA

Then Sony could easily launch a successful console for the masses.

For me just give me Ratchet, Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone, LBP and some JRPG's