Halo 3 Demonstration at TGS: 2007

Only Halo 3 could force a writer to conjure up a preview for a game that has been described hundreds of times over just days before its release. But here we are in Tokyo for the annual TGS convention and there's Halo 3. And here's another preview.

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Maddens Raiders3864d ago

but an observation: where are the routed tire tracks from the off road vehicles when carving turns in the dirt and mud? Everything else looks good w/ the exception of no *real blood splatter, but that's not really a big part of the game.

SF49er4083864d ago

Theyre releasing halo 3 now so they gonna get more sales through these last few months before christmas. Xbox 360 just sold 88k in us up 175 while ps3 is dying at 30k down 42%. heavenly sword sold like 80k which is a huge flop just like lair and warhawk. They may be good games but theyve sold nothing. ps3 is dead in america. everyone is behind 360. i havent seen one madden ps3 commercial, 360 has claimed that franchise for their platform and the 360 is the best console for every gamer. every multiplatform game is advertizin for 360 not ps3 cause they cant even get 100k out of they best 1st party games. 360 is not gonna die out its gonna be around for a long time for developers even when the new xbox comes out. ps3 cant even beat psp or ps2.