RipTen Review: Dead Space 2 Will Scare The Sh!t Out of You

Brandon from RipTen: Dead Space 2 has a great story. Dead Space 2 has amazing graphics. Dead Space 2 will scare the shit out of you. It’s a thrill ride from start to finish that never really stops. The pacing is quick, and it never slows down. There’s no backtracking like in the first game, and sequences flow from one to the next without any lagging.

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Hitman07692760d ago

I'm hearing awesome things about this game, I really need to try it. Wow not enough money in the world this year for gaming!

Valay2760d ago

Played the demo. Will get it when my backlog isn't huge.

CrzyFooL2760d ago

You said your log is huge. hehe.

Hellsvacancy2760d ago

I shal but it when i see it or £20 (couple of weeks probably) i bought the 1st game day-1, not all that bothered bout DS2, i know what to expect in the 2nd game so its gonna take the thrill away that i got with the 1st game

Drjft2760d ago

Loving Dead Space 2 so far.

Lamarthedancer2760d ago

Amazing game but I felt like the first one scared me more.

CrzyFooL2760d ago

Yah cuz you're used to the atmosphere now.

bfenty2760d ago

yeah this one seems to be just more of the same...which is both a good and bad thing.

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