The 10 Greatest Swords in Videogame History

Swords are not always the best weapon – guns have better distance, bombs do more damage, and I can never tell whether or not to pronounce the ‘w.’ But swords were always preferable, since they offered a nobler kind of combat: up close and personal, with the winner determined by skill and strength alone. Also, game developers got a lot less angry letters from parents when they didn’t include guns, so that helped too. Here’s our tribute to the greatest blades ever virtually-wielded…

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ComboBreaker2815d ago

I mean, swords are badass. Guns are badass too. But when you combine them into a Gun Blade, that's like badassness squared.

Urmomlol2815d ago

Squall's gunblade has to the most illogical, stupidest sword ever created.

CrzyFooL2815d ago

I remember when FFVIII came out I thought the gun would SHOOT the blades and blades would be something you'd have to buy and upgrade. Turns out it did almost jack shit except look cool.

Brewski0072815d ago

A gun that would SHOOT blades????
Really?? , I mean.... REALLY??
I think i prefer it doing nothing rather than that lol.
Never was a fan of the gun-blade personaly. Although i did like the added "press R1" at the exact time for added damage thing.

Lamarthedancer2815d ago

But an average height guy carrying a HUGE sword which would be really heavy isn't...

AntoineDcoolette2815d ago

The Heavenly Sword should be on this list >_>

K3nji2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Even though the game isn't really that well known, Gatsu's blade from Berserk should've been included! =(

Etseix2814d ago

Buster Sword from VII!? i know its where it first appeared but , dont leave Angel behind! hes the true weilder of this sword, f* u Cloud

thats_just_prime2814d ago

That list if full of fail. Half the swords in there suck. Other then by name you wouldnt know what 3 or 4 of the swords. They look like any random sword in any game. So what are they jugding this list on. Plus no matter what you jugde it on the Lightsaber should be number 1 its the must iconic waepon ever created and its probably the must powerful sword ever created

Omega Archetype2814d ago

Guess you've never heard of a vibration blade? ( Cause that's precisely the concept that's behind the Gunblade.

The gun doesn't shoot bullets, instead it creates an explosion inside the blade that vibrates it and makes it (theoretically) easier to do more damage with a sword/blade.

Granted this technology is sci-fi based, so I'm not entirely sure if it's truly possible, but is far from illogical. There's definitely a reason to have a sword with a gun attached to it (even if that reason is not technically real!)

Oh and btw, the Gunblade is a badass weapon (easily one of my favorite of any medium.) First Tsurugi though takes the cake!

Perjoss2814d ago

short sword of ykesha
not many people will know what this is :)

antz11042814d ago

Lol, so true.

Where's the Soul Reaver? FAIL LIST.

Mario182814d ago

Of course when I mention the gun blade I get heavily disagreed with

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klado2814d ago

Brave Fence Musashi?, damn, need to revisit that game asap, the Earth-sword was the best.

baodeus2814d ago

where is ryu dragon sword?

knifefight2814d ago

Haha that game was great! Still fun even today!

Arknight2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Musashi was a swordsman from Japanese history, not a sword.

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gamingdroid2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Where is the True Dragon Sword?

darkdoom30002815d ago

The gunblade is so awesome, astheticaly aswell. I would buy one and hang it over my TV.

WildArmed2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

haha, ditto,
one of the coolest weapons ever :D
I felt like Lightining carried a remodeled Gunblade (ver. 30.00 lol)
I find it funny when authors mistake the greatest sword's worth not by their design, function, etc but by association of the wielder..
I mean Cloud's sword isn't anything special... it's just a chunk of metal.. iconic.. sure i guess? but only by association.
The rest of the swords in the articles have something unique/special about each sword that isn't limited to the protagonists who used the sword.

@people who didn't know what a gun blade does....
hit R1 at the right time for extra dmg.
During your limit breaker likewise.
I feel most people didn't understand the gunblade and just put everything on Auto when they played FF8

INehalemEXI2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Practical gunblade http://img.redwolfairsoft.c... It's airsoft ofc

zeddy2815d ago

squal and siefer at the start of ff8 is the best sword fight and Urmomlol if a gunblade is stupid then they might aswell stop making final fantasy games all together.

FACTUAL evidence2815d ago

Cmon, Squalls gun blade is better than that huge chunk of steel cloud uses......They had better off had said seph's massamune. I prefer Brotherhood sword than clouds blade...Brotherhood from FFX. Tidus's.

VersusEM2814d ago

Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning's gunblade can shoot.

TheShow012814d ago

We all remember what kinda damage sephiroth's sword could do ... slash .... 3000 pt !!!! whoaa !!

definitely should be on the list.

Hedberg2814d ago

the Heavenly Sword and Gatsu's sword from Sword of the Berserk should be on that list as others have mentioned. Agree that the Gunblade from FF8 should be there too.

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DRiX2815d ago

Doesn't make sense. BoC aren't swords. You should've said the Blade of Artemis.

ScentlessApprentice72815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Going forward with what you've said, I really enjoyed using the Blade of Artemis. Who else was hypnotized by that "Schwooonq" sound effect it made whenever Kratos swung it around?

MarcusFenixITA2815d ago

Read the article before posting. It's explained there.

Hudahudahuda2815d ago

Blade of Olympus.

Just swinging the thing makes entire armies vaporize '_'

silkrevolver2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I mean come on, after you saw the buster sword in the article picture, what was the first sword that came to mind? (Hint: it rhymes with “Smashter Smord.”)

midgard2272815d ago

ummmmm dude, not to burst ur bubble and ur entitled to ur opinion, but the master sword is one of the ugliest swords I've ever seen. im a character designer and i would never make a sword like that. now is it iconic??? yeeaaaah, great or badass??? naaaaah i can find 10$ swors that look cooler. but hey u know its just what i think anyway lol.

silkrevolver2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I like its minimalistic design. It’s a very basic looking sword with a very iconic hilt. But the reason it’s popular isn’t because of its design, but of the feeling you get once you obtain it in a number of Zelda games.

midgard2272815d ago

i understand what you mean. it is iconic, and u know once u get it that ur about to finish the game and kill ganon. i personally think cloud had better swords in ff7 than the bustersword. especially in advent children. Badass!

NeutralGamer2815d ago

Sure you are a character designer and I'm a nigerian millionaire...

NeoSprtacus2815d ago


I'll help you transfer your money into America if you give me $500,000...

Eamon2815d ago

LMAO, midgard227, please stop.

Master Sword is probably THE most iconic sword in gaming. The music and feeling when you obtain it after hours of effort is nothing less than satisfying.

NCAzrael2814d ago


This isn't "The 10 coolest looking swords in videogame history", it's "The 10 greatest swords in videogame history." Real swords aren't all flash and form. With the exception of some really fancy swept hilt rapiers, and just about every decorative/ceremonial sword, real swords aren't much to look at.

Granted, this is for videogames, so the look is actually important. Considering the fact that the Master Sword is pretty much the first sword in gaming, it's no surprise there's not much to it's shape.

Regardless, the Master Sword has history, it's extremely powerful, and regardless of it's simple design, it still has a lot of design cues from the roman short swords.

Personally, if they sold replicas I'd gladly shell out some cash and mount it on my wall.

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hamburger1232815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Heavenly Sword FTW

It was soo awesome, it was like 3 swords in one.

Urmomlol2815d ago

I find it pretty funny that a writer for Ripten would be criticizing anyone elses' work.