Lorne Lanning: There’s Nothing Else Like Stranger On Sony

Speaking to EGM, Lorne Lanning creator of the Oddworld series shares details about the upcoming Stranger’s Wrath for PSN and XBLA.

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wwm0nkey2874d ago

Bought this on Steam and can't wait for the HD patch to come out for it!

Im going to probably get in on PS3 as well and if XBLA gets it I will buy it there too. Love this game A LOT, it was probably my favorite game of last generation.

thereapersson2874d ago

"There’s Nothing Else Like Stranger On Sony"

Because it doesn't to me.

Brewski0072874d ago

“All the normal maps and the PS3 rendering tech is being taken advantage of on all the characters and on the environments..."
Essentially he's saying that the tech that the ps3 has helps make this game something really cool on the ps3.
Although the sentence itself shouldve been "There’s Nothing Else Like Stranger On PS3" I guess.

Cajun Chicken2874d ago

Just realised. We're not likely to get Muches Oddysee too, are we? Isn't that like the whole problem with MS owning the publishing rights to Mass Effect 1?

rob60212874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

"We have Stranger all ready to go on XBLA, but the answer keeps being no. We’re still talking to them and we’re hoping to work it out."

Why would Microsoft say 'no' seriously? They mad about oddworld working with Sony? The only thing I can fathom is that MS doesn't want 3rd parties getting into the habit of remaking old stuff, and it succeeding - which works in PS3's favor with the vast PS2 library.

sp1deynut2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago ) simply has to do with the download size, which is well over the limit imposed by MS on XBLA titles. Since it's an HD "remake", it also doesn't qualify as an "XBOX Original". I largely blame EA for this whole debacle, since they published the first game, and didn't support or market it AT ALL...just sent it to die. Then when the 360 launched, they decided not to bother making most of their games BC on the 360 or even to allow it as an XBOX original.

Of course MS has some blame here as well, but to them it's more about sticking to their long as they can...on things they can control. This could very well be the game that forces them to once again up their download size limit, which...if everyone remembers...started out at a crazy 48 MB.

EDIT: @PirateThom...

MS has built XBL from the ground up, into a multi-billion $$ success, with this structured formula. It's the reason Sony is still playing catch-up, 9 years after the launch of XBL. Since the XBL launch, all games had to have cross-game chat, cross-game invites, support custom soundtracks, etc.... Fact is, MS owns and maintains the servers...and service...and has rules/limits in place to assure QC. That is largely why more multiplatform games experience patch problems on PS3, than on 360; their certification process is MUCH tighter than Sony's. If their were no size limits, publishers could just upload 10-15 GB uncompressed games on XBL's servers, for purchase through Marketplace. Imagine how long it would take for games to show up, given how long the certification process would take. I find it hard to believe that even you would be stupid enough to think that would be a good idea. Or am I wrong about you?

PirateThom2874d ago

I entirely blame Microsoft for having file size restrictions in the first place. "File size" and "restrictions" shouldn't even be beside each other in a sentence in 2011.

rob60212874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I was under the impression MS had ditched the file size restrictions after the Portal DLC and Shadow complex, I guess I was wrong.. Apparently there's still a 2GB 'technical' limitation to their service. Guess that's why Dead Space Extraction didn't show up in some form there either.

Superior quality control, and longer certification due to file size? I'm not making the connection.. Is anyone else? If you're talking about the indie channel, I'm sure they can put limits for that.

Let's be honest..they put the file size on there so they can sell xbla games to Hard Drive less Xbox 360s. That's why it was 50mb before, because arcades used to have 256mb.

yewles12873d ago

"MS has built XBL from the ground up, into a multi-billion $$ success,"

SegaNet says "I WANT MY CHILD BACK!!!"

Lucreto2874d ago

It is more likely the new file size was too big for xbla or MS rule on requiring a 3rd party publisher for non 360 exclusive games. This is the reason Telltale Games has not put anything on the 360 in a while.

BrianC62342874d ago

I doubt this game gets released on the 360. Supposedly it's too big for XBLA and face it, the series never did anything on the Xbox. Their biggest mistake was switching from the Playstation to the Xbox. Maybe if they at least made it for the Xbox and PS2 the games would have sold well.

BoNeSaW232874d ago

Just picked this up for the original XBOX about a month ago. So I'm not gonna pick up the HD version maybe on steam in awhile.
It's pretty good. I only played for about a hour and it made me want to go back to Abe's adventures so I shelved it and am going to play threw them again. Hope this means if it sells well and we can get a NEW Oddworld this Generation, that would be Awesome!