EB Games exclusive Homefront Collector’s Edition revealed

GM writes: Publishers THQ have recently revealed the collector’s edition for their upcoming first-person shooter Homefront. This EB Games exclusive edition includes:

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Dan502879d ago

So this is only the Australian version? It has a MA 15 rating on it.

egidem2879d ago

I believe so. I don't see EB Games offering such a deal here in Canada.

MyLeadYourHead562879d ago

What is a Propaganda Booklet

Dan502879d ago

Its a book with propaganda like you would see in the game. :P

jetlian2879d ago

this cost the same as regular seeing as you don't really get anything with it

dukegodtezza2879d ago

i pre ordered it at eb games and it was $109

earbus2879d ago

Stuff it ill go for the poor mans edition at jb hifi for 80 bux.