Loot Ninja Medal of Honor Airborne - Xbox 360 Impressions

To start off with Loot Ninja knows that everyone is thinking that the genre of WWII games has been dragged out as far as it can possibly go and the horse has been beaten to death, but EA decides to take another stab at it with Medal of Honor Airborne. Loot Ninja was pleasantly surprised by the game so far, on normal difficulty the game is no push over and the presentation is awesome.

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drunkpandas3930d ago

Glad the gameplay is good. I'm still going to pass. I'm sick of WW2 shooters

taz80803930d ago

I was thinking the same but I am sold after the first parachute in, taking fire and landing on a roof is awesome fun!!

RadientFlux3930d ago

I'm on the last mission myself... the best Medal of Honor game I've ever played. The ability to go anywhere is a definite plus. I am disappointed with aiming though. Shots that I was sure would hit the enemy coming up as a miss.