Xbox tries to get its 'Halo' back

Microsoft is hoping Halo 3, which goes on sale at midnight on Tuesday, will boost its Xbox sales enough to knock Sony's PlayStation 3 down for good. The release of Halo 3 will be a key test for just how much confidence Microsoft has managed to restore with its warranty extension for the Xbox 360.

"Halo is one of those 'sure thing' releases for the industry," said Anita Frazier, a video game analyst at NPD Group. Microsoft has already sold out of an ultra high-end "legendary edition" that includes a Spartan helmet.

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Dudeson423714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I'm sorry, but to believe that ANY game will be a dagger in another system's heart so early in a generation is foolish. I have Halo 3 preordered. Ok, great. I dont think Halo will cause people to NOT buy the PS3 any more than I think Mario Galaxy will cause people to NOT by 360, or FFXIII will cause people NOT to buy the Wii. It just doesnt work that way. People who are going to buy an Xbox for Halo 3 most likely do not own a PS3 at this point and were just waiting for Halo to come out to commit to the 360. Either that, or they are true hardcore gamers and own all three already. One game, even as many as 3 or 4 triple A titles, wont cause people to NOT buy the other system. Systems of this generation will succeed with innovation, and a strong and stable approach to new genres with a solid library of the standard fare. AAA titles are just icing on the cake.

I've said it 100 times and I'm sure I'll say it 100 more, no system of this generation is going to suddenly drop off the face of the earth. None of these systems is going to "pull a dreamcast" and suddenly be gone. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to believe any of the systems of this gen will end up as revered as the Dreamcast is today, EVEN WITH it dying within 4 years of it's lifecycle. They'll all be around for many years so just sit down, settle in, buy all three and enjoy your hobby.

socomnick3714d ago

Yea don't think its going to be a dagger in the heart but it will definitely be a big blow.

snoopgg3714d ago

I also own a ps3, and don't see Halo 3 being the end of it. This might cause more headaches for Microsoft. People playing Halo 3 for too many hours means more 360 dying from RROD and that means more money Microsoft will have to spend on fixing or replacing their poorly manufactured consoles. They already have spent 1.9 billion on repairs to their consoles, and I think Halo 3 will actually lose them some profits because of all the faulty console outthere burning up because of Halo 3. This game could be a thorn in Microsofts eye. I have a replaced 360 and a elite, I hope they last the Halo 3 marathon I plan to play.