Plasma Station : Dead Space 2 Review

With the anticipation of Dead Space 2 killing the staff of Plasma Station, The day finally came when they were able to get their hands on it with the hopes that it would live up to the original Dead Space game. Dead Space 2 went over and beyond Chadley's highest expectations and he can say with confidence that the game has quickly climbed his list of favorite Xbox 360 games with it’s stunning performance...

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teedogg802725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Another great score for a great game. But I do disagree with him saying the game should be brighter...its just right to me. Dead Space 2 FTW!

chadley2725d ago

The mood was set prefectly in the game, I just had a hard time truely admiring how much effort was put into creating the set of the game.

Hellbound19782725d ago

Loving the game but, I do agree that it was overly dark in areas (Unitology Church comes to mind). All those candles and it's still this dark?