GamesRadar: Crysis 2 Video - Full Access Preview

Matt and Chris at GamesRadar are joined by PC Gamer's Evan Lahti for hands-on commentary with Crytek's exclusive Xbox Live multiplayer demo.

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Derekvinyard132546d ago

This game is shaping up to look really nice IMO. looks like alot of motion blur is used to give it the realistic moving feel. in terms of graphics, they look pretty good. but i dont agree when he says its like call of duty, cause it dosent at all.

Shani2546d ago

Agree, this is nothing like COD and imo this beats COD anyday.

ps3bestever2545d ago

crysis 2 graphic in consoles is very similar to COD MW2, according to playable demo. ;)

djreplay2545d ago

I don't know anyone can compare this to CoD, gameplay wise yes but the graphics in Crysis 2 are much.

CoD is so ugly it hurts my eye's but that's the trade off for 60 frames per second. Cry engine 3 has much more power as you can see in that video.

gamer20102545d ago

Crysis 2 blows away COD MW2 in the graphics, it's not even close.

tubers2545d ago

LOL love the commentary... a little funny and their not cursing here and there xD

djreplay2545d ago

Looks much better than CoD, the texture work in CoD is terrible, there all lo-res.

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