CVG: Fight Night Champion: A knockout story driven boxing sim?

CVG: "EA's Fight Night series has been our favourite boxing game for years. Unlike many other yearly sports titles which can feel like little more than roster updates, a new Fight Night has almost always meant an opportunity for new substance and definite change."

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hamburger1232875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Legacy mode and story mode are two different things...

You dont have avenging dead fathers, punch ups in prisons, that sort of thing in legacy mode, thats story mode.

What a stupid article

beavis4play2875d ago

i like being able to level up specific punches.....kind of helps add your signature to your character as to what you want to be your BIG punch.

i've only bought the 1st fight night but i'm going to get this one......going to preorder at amazon to get the $10 credit and the young george foreman for the game.

byeGollum2875d ago

I love the sweet science .. day one purchase for me .. just hope they dont make anymore noob friendly lol