CVG: Metal Gear Solid: Rising - What we want to see

CVG: "Metal Gear Solid: Rising is a game that we already know a fair bit about: Handled by a new Konami team, Rising is set to spawn a new series that runs alongside the original Metal Gear Solid story."

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worm20102726d ago

what i want to see

a strong story not just hack & slash

and bring back snake!!!!!!!

FrankMcSpank2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I don't want it gimped. Let 360 gamers have it on 10 discs for all I care, but I want long cutscenes, 1080p visuals, & an amazing story.

I also would like to fight Vamp like in MGS 4. The scene where it was splitscreen and Snake fought gheckos as Raiden battled Vamp. I want that scene reversed in this one. That would be a fan tribute for me. Also the street fight too from MGS4.

Easter Eggs: PS/Gamecube versions have tons of them. And MGS4 had endless treasures, keep all ghost extras in it.

NO exclusive DLC. Not for any system. I forsee the 360 getting DLC which would be an FU since MGS is Playstation.

And please update the PSN MGS4 Database. I love that thing and want the Peace Walker data an Rising data added to it.

49erguy2726d ago

"I want long cutscenes, 1080p visuals, & an amazing story"


hassi942725d ago

Considering no great-looking PS3 game has 1080p visuals then I doubt the Xbox 360 would be holding it back if MGS:R didn't either.

Shani2726d ago

They do need good story, which is definite.
I don't know if they can bring back snake, it depends on the story.

I think Vamp is great fit for this game. Would really love to see him as one of the boss.

Shani2726d ago

I want move support with every game which has sword fight.
It can be more realistic and amazing if programmed properly.

Ravage272726d ago

Yes, the game practically screams for Move support. I wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed for that reason.


i hope so, in an issue of uk official sony mag there was a comment made that it was going to use move, there is only one reason i can think that i wont happen which is its multi platform so would be unfair for the 360 gamers unless they could use kinect + pad somehow

Deathstroke2726d ago

Another REAL MGS game cause Rising isn't going to be one.

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The story is too old to be commented.