Single or Multi-player: Which Are You?

This week in Platform Nation's weekly feature STIR Chris Forbis asks the writers if they are single player gamers or multi-player gamers. Which are you?

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FrankMcSpank2456d ago

Single player is where I find the most enjoyment in games. Story, character development. I love co-op too(Borderlands/LBP), but versus modes are always just for extra freetime fun or trophy hunting.

HeavenlySnipes2456d ago

if the SP is ass like Blops or MW2 then its straight to MP. Blops went for the double whammy and managed to be shit in both SP and MP

Commander_TK2456d ago

I prefer SP since it because of the interaction between me and the SP universe. Although I play multiplayer when I complete everything in the SP.

Ares84PS32456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I'm with you on that! Sp mode is the best! Mp is just an extra. In most games I don't even touch mp mode. I buy a game for it's sp.

garos822456d ago

im a gamer. whether its a single player great immersive experiece to a highly competitive and tight multiplayer game i dont complain. i derive enjoyment from gameplay!

Perjoss2456d ago

nothing comes close to the level of immersion you can get from playing games like:

System Shock 2
Oblivion / Morrowind
Dead Space
Half Life 2
Fallout 3

Single player all the way. But I do give props to some of the creme of MP gaming like bad company 2 and team fortress 2.

antz11042456d ago

Completely agree; single and co-op are the way to go if you have the right game. Borderlands was awesome at it where unfortunately something like Too Human just felt like it was lacking.

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gillri2456d ago

SP for me

I am going off MP gaming after 10 years of shooting people in the head

A good campaign will last with you forever, playing Dead Space 2 just reasures this view

Solans Scott2456d ago

Single player for me is the equivalent of reading a good book and being alone with my thoughts.

Areeb112456d ago

Single Player, but I only a support MP if its fully in context with the game itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.