Ace Combat 6 -TVG First Look Preview

The most instantly striking thing about AC6 is the stunning visuals - the planes really do look photo-realistic. Prior to take-off (which is manually controlled, as is landing and mid-air refuelling) on each mission, you're tasked with choosing munitions for both you and your wingman. You can then instruct your wingman in-flight, which will come in handy as there are simply too many tasks for you to deal with by yourself. Each mission will feature multiple objectives, of which players can choose which ones they want to complete (with the exception of primary objectives of course). There will be considerable allied support (both on the ground and in the air) for each mission and working with this support is critical to your success. You have to defend your allies as well as order their support, otherwise they'll deplete quicker than you can say "fly-by".

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ASSASSYN 36o3924d ago

The new trailer on marketplace is sick.