Kinect Hacks: Monkeying around with 1:1 movement

Activate 3D's latest Kinect hack doesn't sound all that special on paper -- it lets you interact with a virtual world using 1:1 motion detection -- but the video demonstration of the software is quite special, indeed.

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Mystogan2551d ago

That kinda looks awesome

HolyOrangeCows2551d ago

0:14 ZOMG n00b has grab-assist on! lol

That was actually pretty interesting. Too bad nothing we've seen so far has used even half as impressive controls. I doubt we'll see a decent, non-dance/fitness/party/etc game any time soon, though.

Army_of_Darkness2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

can his avatar walk BEEEE any more gay looking?!?! lol! Only kinect will enable you to go to a childrens park and use the monkey bars without embarressmeent! ahahaha! ahhhh such joy...... (-_-)

ComboBreaker2551d ago

However, if I am going to spend $150 on a Kinect device, I want to play real Kinect games with it, not hack around wiht it. So, where's the game?

Kinect's new sloan:

"Kinect - Great for Hacking, Useless for Gaming"

Bigpappy2551d ago

Ah the wonders of Kinect. This gadget opems a whole new world to what is posible in gaming. Pleople just need to be patient.

gamingdroid2551d ago

This is interesting solution to the inability to move forward problem. Wonder what else is coming out... Can't wait already!

Mystogan2551d ago

Yeah they already announced hardcore games for kinect they are just not out yet.

The haters already label it "Great for Hacking, Useless for Gaming"

Even though they already core-games for it.

_DragonSlayer_2550d ago

What core games? Where can I pick one up? Are you talking about the "videos" from TGS? whateva....

sashimi2551d ago

So this is what gamers want to do with their precious off time when they aren't at school..spending time with family and friends...

ChristianGamer2551d ago

Where are all the ps eye videos that show us kinect is just a copy. I've seen so many cool kinect hacks and zero ps eye videos that indicate it can do whatever kinect can

Corepred42551d ago

sad thing is that it has to be hacked to be this accurate. should have came out that way.

Moentjers2551d ago

ever tried hacking ps eye ?

ct032551d ago

It's a simple RGB cam. No point in hacking it.

zero_cool2551d ago

You can see the latency it's pretty obvious.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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