Lost gameplay details found

While Lost continues to be a major television hit, very little of its video game incarnation has been revealed. The first trailer was shown at Comic-Con 2007, giving a glimpse of what gamers can expect from the gamplay.

UK magazine Xbox World 360 has now revealed further details about Lost: The Video Game, based on interviews with three of the game's development team. Lost is built using a version of the GRAW 2 engine, which has been modified in order to deal with the "organic" environments of the island. While primarily a third-person adventure game, there will be a first-person view in order to enable the player to search for clues.

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Scythesean3715d ago

LOL @ the Title!

That brought a smile to my face if only for a few seconds.

ArduousAndy3715d ago

i cant wait for this game. Its like Godzilla for the Wii, I do not care if it sucks I know im going to enjoy it.