Bulletstorm First Depressions, Intentional Overkill

Via GameGuideDog: Interesting title Bulletstorm is, no question. In a FPS market dominated by the Call of Duty franchise, one would have to assume that the detailed realism that saturates the FPS genre has become a necessary staple in producing a new FPS for sale in today’s market, but that’s not the direction EA/Epic Games went with Bulletstorm...

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Rageanitus2872d ago

Tried the Demo.... did not like it just seems like a bunch of ideas put together with no real sense of direction.

MarcusFenixITA2872d ago

that's true ... any good game needs to have soul.

BattleAxe2872d ago

I played the demo for about 2 minutes lastnight. This is nothing more than a budget title that should be relegated to the bargain bin.

psman0122872d ago

I dont see what so many people have against it... its a fun video game that doesnt take itself seriously... if every game was serious and perfectly polished, it wouldnt be as fun. Once in a while, you need a silly game. I personally enjoyed the demo alot, but it was WAY too short. The only thing I hate about it is the dialogue, which is ridiculously and overly vulgar.

Inside_out2872d ago

The demo is a tutorial on how the controls will work in the game when it releases.

It seems the whining is coming from an insecure bunch who have there favorite game releasing at the same time and are worried that it can't handle the is dumb of course because Bulletstorm is a completely different game that doesn't even have a Vs multi-player component...O_o.

No surprise... not every one thinks like a neanderthal like these kids. If they had there way no other games would or should exist except there game of choice.

Bulletstorm is being made by polish dev People can fly, who made the Painkiller games and ported Gears 1 onto PC. Epic has now bought them and I believe this will be there first console game. This will be a very important lesson for Epic and I hope they are paying attention. If the game doesn't sell well on PS3 they should stick to being exclusive to one platform where their hard core audience is located...that would be the 360 and the 20+ million that have bought their Gears games...LIVE AND LEARN EPIC.

Can't wait for that Gears 3

palaeomerus2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

People Can Fly only did Painkiller and the add-on "Battle out of Hell. They also did a Painkiller port for the Xbox (original) called Painkiller: Hell Wars.

They did NOT do Painkiller: Overdose (meh), Dreamkiller (bleah), both by Mindware, or Painkiller: Resurrection (never played it) by Homegrown Games.

Painkiller was pretty damned good though.

It sort of mixed the gameplay feel of the original Quake with the imaginative weapons and morbid atmosphere of Blood, added some really huge levels,locked arena-areas where you face waves of enemies, and battles with huge bosses sort of like those in Serious Sam. THEN they added a weird juggle dead enemies with multiple shots for treasure mechanic on top of that.

The stake gun and freeze-ray/shotgun were both amazing as was the titular painkiller weapon. The rocket launcher/machine gun was pretty cool too!

So right now, I really trust People Can Fly to come up with fun impressive game under the influence of Epic. the demo makes me feel that they are on the right track in most respects.

Rageanitus2872d ago

The problem is it feels like it has the same taste as when I first played Serious Sam.... just a bunch of ideas put together.

Its just that it feels like a game that can get very old quickly.

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DanteKnightsTemplar2872d ago

gotta agree. honestly has no direction

klapkip2872d ago

Here the same. What a terrible demo Bulletstorm. Downloaded, played it on PS3 and deleted after that. No fun at all.

palaeomerus2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Demo was fun. Whining about competition from Resistance 3 (really? 2 was a disappointment and 3 is not coming out any time soon! It's supposed to be out in early september according to Amazon! ) and Killzone 3 (probably going to be good but not really similar to Bulletstorm) won't change that.

This was a stupid, useless, myopic impression of a mechanic oriented demo and is not worth reading. The dumb bleating about a lack of direction in the comments above, is absolutely hilarious.

The direction(hook, focus) for the game couldn't be more clear! "Kill with skill". Duh. How can anyone not pick up on the direction? Epic smacks you right in the face with it!

Dysmorphic2872d ago

Exactly; it seems people are complaining without any real idea of what they're complaining about. The first FPS in awhile to try something different and it seems everyone's going to ignore it. That's a damn shame.

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