Top 5 reasons why the Wii is the best console

"Top 5 reasons why the Wii is the best console..The Wii had it right when it came to motion gaming. Look at what the Xbox and especially the PS3 have been doing. They have shifted towards the Wii model of gaming.."

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tastelessgamer2697d ago

I don't even need to read this article. Simply put, the Wii isn't the best console. Nuff said!

xhi42697d ago

For casual gaming I geuss.

tastelessgamer2697d ago

I'm not sure the Wii even wins in that area. The system is flooded with such trash. You don't have a shovel big enough.....

Thrillhouse2697d ago

The PS2 was also flooded with trash, doesn't mean it was a bad console.

Shok2697d ago


Empty argument.

1) You don't have to buy the shovelware


2) Like Thrillhouse said, the PS2 was flooded with trash also. Same as the DS, yet they are considered as some of the best systems ever made.

smoothdude2697d ago


This is listed as an opinion piece, and you should at least read it before making any comments. The article states that the Wii is the best system for platformer genre.

I love the platformer genre (it is my favourite), and the PS3 and Xbox 360 are flooded with FPS. Honestly my favourite platformer this generation has been ratchet and clank and Uncharted, but the wii has good games too.

room4142697d ago

"The PS2 was also flooded with trash, doesn't mean it was a bad console."

The ps2 also had a library of quality games that the wii will never even come close to touching.

Lol @ comparing the wii to the ps2. The wii doesn't even come close to the ps3/360 libraries. Try and argue that it does nintendo fans as you constantly complain about the lack of 3rd party support. You can't have it both ways.

Army_of_Darkness2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

5. motion control: Sure The PS3 move controller is playing catch up with the casuals, but it's waaaaay better than the wii remote in every way.

4."Wii has some of the largest variety in game selection"
Largest variety of shit games maybe.... and yes, the ps2 had a lot crap games as well, but at least it still had Tones of Great games to counter it;)
You want variety+ quality this Gen. Get a PS3.

3."Wii has the lowest failure rate"
Hmmm.. could be because casual gamers don't use the system as much as the more hardcore gamers, which means less likely to over-heat?!

2. "Nintendo is giving a lot of love to old series"
I think all the platforms are doing this and more( as in taking chances with new franchises such as Gears, uncharted) so this is a useless point.

1."The Wii still has the classic titles through the Virtual Console"
All I can say is... Xbox live and PSN.

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gamingdroid2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

The Wii brought something new this generation and needless to say the other two merely threw more horsepower at the problem.

I barely use my Wii, because I like my shooters using a traditional controller and all my Wii needs are met with Kinect. However, I still recognize what Nintendo has done this generation.

Ifone2697d ago

Something new, like when sony bring a camera "you are the controler" gimmick...but it's not enough, and graphics and library are really poors in comparison with ps2, ps3 library (just check metacritics, even if you don't consider the fact that a 10 for wii is a 7 or less for a next gen game, you will see that wii have way more less titkes in the 80/100% area than ps3 and even xbox)

theIMP2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I wouldn't say it's the best console because that's an opinion, but I know I have had a lot of fun playing the good games on it. I think that the top tier games for the Wii are among the best games I've ever played on any console ever. Mario Galaxy 1&2, the NSMB, Twilight Princess, MP3, and a whole bunch of others I don't feel like listing are amazing. To be honest I just got my Wii about a month ago, and I felt the same way as y'all before I got it. Since I started playing these games I was dumbfounded. I forgot how much fun I had with a Nintendo console. As far as being the best, it boils down to preference. If you measure it by the shovel ware games it does suck, but as far as fun factor when it comes to the top tier Nintendo games, it's right up there with Sony and MS in my opinion.

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MrAwesome2697d ago

Lol, arguing with this article is like arguing with an old man saying the Internet is fake.

2697d ago
clearelite2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

lol at "wii is the best console"

It's ok though and I'm not sure there is a "best console"

Well I have my own opinion about which is the best console, but I will keep that to myself in this thread.

Ifone2697d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

No, best hardware, best fonctionalities, best value, and best exclusives/variety, it's not an opinion, you can't deny facts, and only one console this gen is clearly the winner, even if you can enjoy gaming with the others...

By the way, why are we talking about "wiihome" stupid statment, it's like kinecthome and others adds blogs, nothing interesting to read.

Kon2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

No HD killed the wii for me. Xbox and PS3 are far ahead of the wii in terms of quality.

Shok2697d ago

In terms of quality? You must be talking about graphical quality, or feature-wise, cause when it comes to games though then the Wii wins in that are, as it has more quality exclusives then both the HD systems (though that might change by the end of this year.)

When it comes down to it, the games are the most important aspect of GAMING.

Apocalypse Shadow2697d ago

i'm not one to use metacritic,but i think sony wins in that department.and i don't see nintendo winning end of year awards or any industry awards like sony has gotten from games like LBP or uncharted.

so i would have to disagree.and as for one talks about wii virtual console games at's either xbl arcade or psn games that have left wii int the dust.

so if you are talking about games,wii doesn't have it.just more shovelware than the other two.

Trroy2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"when it comes to games though then the Wii wins in that are, as it has more quality exclusives then both the HD systems"

*Looks at game shelf, counts Wii games... counts 360+PS3 games*

Umm.. I think you got that backwards, bud. Maybe you were restricting your genres to.. fitness? Or something?

rockleex2697d ago

If we restricted it to fitness games, the Wii would win by a HUGE margin.

Then the 360 Kinect games would follow.

Ifone2697d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Ps3 already have way more better exclusives, even without the killing 2011 library, and you have to consider also multiplatfotms gales fir bith xbox and ps3, since the wii can't play them.

Please somepne, explain to me how a fanboy liar like seferoth can still have 3bubbles ? He is Full of lies and deny (@seferoth : everyone knows move is better, with more possibilities, and more accurzte than wii, all the review and awards are saying that, like metacritic prove your are wrong also about games, like every gen sony has way more great games, and don't firget that a 10 for a wii game, it's not a 10 for superior hardware, standards are highers)

N4g_null2696d ago

This is hilarious. If gaming sites really want hits then this is what they need to keep saying. Many hd gamers only play cod like games or halo and the uncharted guys call auto climbing a platform game. There is no skill in slowly figurering out where to force your character to climb.

What is hilarious is they claim casual gamers are going to kill gaming. True but it's the casual fps gamers that are the true killers of gaming on pc. Notice how that was all they liked near the end and many just like the cod players only play that one game. The hd market is a bubble waiting to pop.

Ps3 gamers keep talking about variety yet they only mention like three games uncharted, killzone, and some random game which most likely is lbp. Yet Sony has no counter that sells to the majority of the gamers gaming on any platform.

Mariokart still has no equal.
Mariobros 5 still has no equal.
Zelda has no equal
Smash bro, where is the hd demon blade, where is sin and punishment, where is your red steel two, no bomberman, no vs game well hd gamers act like they don't care, no donkey kong, no blast works, no RPGs, no shoot en ups, no strategy games. That's a lot of stuff that has not even been approached by Sony. They are not good at making any of those games yet they call themselves a game company now.

At least sega could go head to head with nintendo game wise. The competitors best games come from an old put of date and buggy pc game.

And when Sony gamers list their games just know most games on their list sold around 200k to 1.5 million to a user base of 30 million or more. All the hd graphics in the world couldn't make it fun. All the hype an inflated review scores could make people buy these games because they where just not fun or they just plain played horrible or they where to casual.

The wii is the only console that attracts solely based on game quality only a noob would buy based on graphics only. Casuals look at the graphics and say cool I want but hardcore wants a challenge, game play you know stuff that last not gimmicks.

Cod shows how jack up gaming has become now. Developers don't understand it because it's killing all other types of gaming due to boredom. If it wasn't for the wii the highest selling console would be the frigging xbox360 and that would be sad they barely have studios to make games.

It's takes a gamer to understand the wii. The same was true during the 8bit days and the 16bit.

homer2696d ago

"The wii is the only console that attracts solely based on game quality..."
You are an idiot. RPGs:PS3>Wii, FPS:PS3>Wii: Music Games: PS3>Wii, Racing:PS3>Wii, TPS:PS3>Wii, Platformers:PS3=Wii, Shovelware: Wii>ps3,Strategy:PS3=Wii, and many others in favor of the ps3. You are the lowest common denominator my friend. We mention more than 3 titles, and much of the ganes you listed for the wii are very "meh."

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AWBrawler2697d ago

so when did HD mean quality. HD is nothing but a resolution so guess what? on my TV the 360 and PS3 aren't in HD either.
HD is not graphics, its a resolution , just like Blu Ray isn't a resolution, its a storage medium.

These HD people are such noobs

Kon2697d ago

I said anything about graphics? You know how to read? You're such a noob.

AWBrawler2697d ago

you said "No HD killed Wii for me"
so again I say, on my normal TV in my college dorm, nothing is in HD

Corepred42697d ago

Pretty sure the HD adds something to the quality of a game. Just because you have a crappy tv doesn't mean HD doesn't mean anything to the rest of us.

ChickeyCantor2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"Pretty sure the HD adds something to the quality of a game. "

It could, its not a certainty. So your "sure" is kinda forced on this matter.
We have seen enough good looking games in HD that ...just suck.

The point is even if its not HD, if the overall outcome is good, then you shouldn't be complaining. Cause by doing that you are just gonna miss out.

And there is no point in missing out on some good games.
If its not your kind of game, thats logical, but to shun them due the the lack of a 720p resolution and power to render certain shaders?
Thats just irrational.

AWBrawler2697d ago


HD ads nothing, it is just a resolution. I played MGS4 on a HD tv the first time, then again on an SD, It still was just as awesome.
played Deadspace, Halo, Gears, and DMC4 on SD. Again they were still great games and i didn't miss a thing. So your supposed point is invalid.

Admit it, all this HD talk is silly. Half the people here probably don't know the difference between 1080i and 1080p, or even 720p and 1080p

I see people all the time but supposed 1080p Tvs where the 720p on display is more clear and crisp. So yeah, people know almost nothing about HD, but then have the nerve to try to spout this bull at a tech geek like me who actually knows what is what?

only on N4G. only on N4 freaking G

PS. when disc become irrelevant within the next couple of years, don't be surprised. Even the NGP left disc alone in favor of carts

N4g_null2696d ago

Hd graphics is like watching final fantasy the movie your hyped at what they can do and then you realize how bad they are at game play, story, controls and so much is sacrificed just to wow you with graphics.

Remember the big meh that crisis got on the pc? Same thing happened for doom3 and unreal tournament 3. No one cared because they where not fun. The same is happening with many of your hd games. Cod mostly works because of the junk talking between friends and limited skill sets.

To most hd gamers games are not made for every one. If you believe that then your not really a gamer. The fact that if an hd gamer does see an ad about some thing and a review that game will never exist to them. Even if they saw it at a store they can tell a good game from another till they have wasted money on it.

The ps era really did set gaming culture up for the devalue that runs rampant right now. You have to blame developers for it also.

I hate to say if a dev lost his job this year or last maybe it was their own fault for not making more true hardcore games that addict gamers to variety rather than where the hype is.

Hd graphics are great but many lack imagination and the game play suffers because it is sacrificed for good screen shots.

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gii bro2697d ago

Since when did HD assure a quality product? For me the Wii is the best & I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks!

RyuCloudStrife2697d ago

go nuts over HD just like they are going nuts for HD in a certain recently announced handheld...

I think HD is the BIGGEST gimmick ever 3D>HD in my opinion.....

Corepred42697d ago

you girls must not watch any fast moving sports in HD. Wii fails for me just because of the stupid friend codes!! i hate them!!

RyuCloudStrife2697d ago

but it HAS won this generation by ALOT...

but that doesnt make it the best console...

ill get me a Wii pretty soon too...