Xbox 360 to get new HD DVD drive

Microsoft will launch an updated HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 in 2008, it said at its 25th hardware anniversary in London today.

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Arkham3809d ago

Well, this should be interesting...

bung tickler3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

i doubt it. it's probably the same drive just in the color black to match the elite. it's "new" the same way the "new" pink and blue controllers are "new."

SonySoldiers3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

yeah we doubt it.. hope they won't put a triple-layer capable drive in it.

Blu-Rays win!!!

cdzie13809d ago

Internal HD DVD drive SKU?
A lower-priced unit?
Plug and play with Vista PCs & Xbox?

Foliage3809d ago

They will probably paint it black and charge more money for it without any major changes. At least that is what history would suggest.

3809d ago
blackmagic3809d ago

It'll likely be a less costly unit from a chinese manufacturer instead of the Toshiba unit.

iceice1233809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I'm sure you're very falmiliar with such a tactic. It's what Sony is doing with DS3. Release the console with no shock, say it is a last gen feature. Then a over a year later release it and have people buy a new controller that is basically needed for depth. PROFIT $$$ Sony, now as bad as Microsoft.

I would like those who are disagreeing with me to explain themselves.

jedicurt3809d ago

Quite frankly... i don't miss rumble

playing RFOM, and Warhawk... and don't even notice it is missing

FungLip3809d ago

Dude you don't know what you were saying. Sony didn't put shock in their controller cuz they couldn't with the law suit going on. They could've say the truth but instead they made up some lame excuses like it's last gen or not work w/ motion sensing.

But then again no one point a gun at your head forcing you to buy this hddvd drive or a dualshock3.

THX71683809d ago

I disagreed with you because you're a d1ckhole.


Rabidsmiley6653809d ago

I disagree with you because you didn't really state any facts in your argument. You just made blatant fanboy flamebait and didn't stick to the issue

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power of Green 3809d ago

Yah its safe to say it won't be downgraded or have less capabilities thats for sure.

fjtorres3809d ago

They are currently using a slightly modified PC drive with an external power brick.
First gen HD-DVD hardware.
Toshiba and the drive makers are up to 3rd-gen drives; lower physical profile and lower power consumption.
I'd expect the new one not to need the power brick and be thinner.
And sell for less.

Makroyale3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

They haven't even sold 200,000... Compare that with almost 5 million PS3s with Bluray built-in sold.

Nth RooCH3809d ago

Good point Torres. Bubble+

MakRoyale, you're comparing a non essential add on with a permanent fixture of a console. Get over yourself fanboy.

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