More characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming

From EventHubs: "Shacknews was able to confirm with Capcom that there are indeed more character announcements on the way for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. They were even able to nail down the time line, as a representative of the company had this to say.

All will be revealed in the next couple of weeks."

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Tripl3seis2879d ago

I hope to god the megaman is one of them cus for real capcom wtf are u waiting for?

RonXD2879d ago

If Lupinko is correct, which he was with most of his information, then only one more character is being revealed. Unless Capcom is talking about DLC of course.

anasurimbor2879d ago

I'm pretty sure they're talking about DLC characters. There's a rumor going around that they're actually going to release 2 DLC characters before Jill and Shuma.

M-Easy2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Sakura...Sakura...Sakura...Sak ura...Sakura...

NexGen2879d ago

Yeah, her and Ken. Wtf no Ken? Is this MvC for the ps1 again? Or was that street fighter vs xmen? Either way, put Ken in. I don't want a transforming 3 way Ryu in place of a regular Ken.

anasurimbor2878d ago

Akuma offers far more than Ken in terms of gameplay options. Ken is a direct clone.

NexGen2878d ago

Ken and Akuma are nowhere near clones. Have you ever played Street Fighter?

midgard2272879d ago

Psylocke and strider!!!! the game has no ninja's and these are ninja's from each side!!!! come on!!!!

Katana Yamato2879d ago

Better have Vergil, Strider, Megaman X, Psylocke and Gambit.

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The story is too old to be commented.