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New Game Network: "After the original game set the bar for the Create/Play/Share genre, the Sackboy is back for yet another adventure with LittleBigPlanet 2. Given how much impact the predecessor had on the platforming and user content creation genres, the sequel had a lot to live up to. Unlike the first game, which was marketed as a platform game, LBP2 was actually presented as a “platform for games" – a set of tools that have been expanded to allow creation that’s only limited by the imagination. For the most part, LBP2 succeeds in delivering a more polished, robust, and enjoyable experience and being a worthy sequel to a title that quickly became fan favorite. "

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josephayal2876d ago

LBP2 is def game of the year with a solid 98 metatric

king052876d ago

This is interesting because just like Halo:Reach, it was rated lower than it's predecessor even though the majority agree that the sequel was better.