Bulletstorm Could Rekindle My Love For the FPS

Craig from TV and Lust becomes dewy-eyed over the first person shooters of yesteryear, and looks to the future with the creative kills in Bulletstorm.

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Cajun Chicken2727d ago

11th time playing demo just then. Too much fun. Can't wait to play the full game, hopefully the demo isn't even a level, because it is rather short...

old school fps ftw.

WhiteNoise2727d ago

The demo is 'echo mode' where you just play wave after wave of enemies.

The S.P game will be much more fun with scripted events and much more varied locations etc.

The Anarchy mode is co-op in sections from the S.P so basically the demo was the most bland part of the full game.

If you liked the demo then you will likely love the game.

For people that hated the demo, then like I said; it was the most repetitive bland part of the full game and they may still like the full game.

jdktech20102727d ago

you got the names in the wrong order but everything else right...

anarchy is like horde mode

echo mode is like the demo

Pointless but just an fyi

I've played the demo 7-8 times and loving it

fooltheman2727d ago

So actually they have a demo about the worst bit?
Does Cliffy B has some logic?

TenSteps2727d ago

I'm enjoying myself that's for sure Bulletstorm is definitely a day one buy for me.

plb2727d ago

Tbh this game does nothing for me. Just seems meh.

WhiteNoise2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Someone call the police, there is an article on the main page about a multiplat...


"I said nothing about any exclusives nor any system. What are you on about? "

I'm just reading between the lines.

It's clear you are a PS3 only owner...your kind is allergic to multiplats.

plb2727d ago

I said nothing about any exclusives nor any system. What are you on about?

eggbert2727d ago

Apparently you can't not like a game anymore.

Seriously whitenoise your making mountains out of mole hills here.

MysticStrummer2727d ago

LOL Wow... WhiteNoise it's clear you are the final authority on what's fun. Luckily I'm out of your jurisdiction.

hassi942726d ago

WhiteNoise you're an idiot. I agree completely with plb and I own an Xbox (primary console) and a PC. No PS3 -.-

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Chapulin2727d ago Show
WhiteNoise2727d ago

Can I join the circle jerk?

mumble mumble mumble....."KZ3"

*Everyone else*: "I know right!!!! roflroflrofllol*

*Furiously masturbates*


I think it's funny hearing console gamers saying a game will rekindle their love for FPS games, console's basically only have shooters.

No RTS, no flight sims, very limited indie scene. Consoles don't have any diversity.

MysticStrummer2727d ago

Hmmm I seem to have a couple of RPGs, a couple of action RPGs, an off-road arcade/sim racing game, a proper racing sim, a turn based strategy game, a real time strategy game, a skateboarding game, Six 3rd person action adventure games, a couple of platformers, a couple of hack and slash action games, a... whatever the hell The Sims is..., and seven shooters. One of those is 3rd person, two of them have RPG elements, and two of them are single player only games. All in all, eleven games that either won Game of the Year or were heavily in the conversation, industry wide. Yeah... no variety here. I didn't even go into my downloaded games, one of which was made by a single college kid, and one of which always comes up in conversations concerning videogames as art. GTFO.

vickers5002727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Warhawk > any flight sim

Almost every other gaming genre > RTS

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