GameSpot: Dungeon Siege III Hands-On

Since its initial release back in 2002, the Dungeon Siege series has always been about two things: exploring dungeons and collecting loot. It was a series revered for accessibility, addictive gameplay, and cooperative multiplayer.

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1PC2PS333602546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Direct quote from gamespots article

"While our time with Dungeon Siege III was spent on a PC, we played it using a Xbox 360 gamepad. "

yet you post it in the 360 section, but this article is nowhere to be found in the pc section, lovely. Of course they had you play the PC version, the consoles are an afterthought, for $$$

plb2546d ago

Will likely go with PC version.

mobijoker2546d ago

Sure the story will be great and there should be something new.Just make it less buggy,obsidian.Obsidian games are my day 1 buys and they never disappoint.

Anon19742546d ago

Looking forward to this game. It's been awhile since I've had a good, co-op dungeon crawler. Kinda miss the old Baldur's Gate/Champions of Norrath type games. The closest thing we had this gen were the marvel ultimate alliance games, but they're not the same. Where's the loot!